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Full Version: Gasohol
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If we all move to renewable energy what happens to the petrodollar?

What a perfect time to go cashless.   Scream1

Porsches first electric car outsells Tesla.
There’s no problem with CO2 so what’s the big fuss about taking it out of the atmosphere to reduce global warming?

Carbon sequestration as a service doesn’t quite add up.

Using it as an energy source?  It didn’t come from automobile emissions, it was already there and is part of the eco cycle between the trees and the production of oxygen.
The electric vehicle, the gasoline problem and synthetic oils.

Can’t we all just get along?

If it weren’t for the barrel of oil producing other things besides just gas, why are we complaining about it?  The government is probably happily making tons of money on it, so why do they want to get rid of it?
Gasohol sucks.!

[Image: xOhBp4a.jpg]
wrong thread.

[Image: 1609736445.png]

Ever since the stolen election. The price of gas just keeps going up.

Saving this here.

The elites don’t want to get it.

Biden pushing for OPEC to boost oil output not at all inconsistent with climate goals since we won’t be able to switch to renewable overnight.  As he is attending a climate change summit fir the next two weeks.
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