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Full Version: Gasohol/EV
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Biden energy secretary confirms Americans will needlessly pay more to heat their homes.  We got to fund Communist takeover somehow.

Demoncratic senators ask Biden to ban oil exports and draw from national reserves.
Happy go lucky wants to shut down another pipeline.

Let’s go Brandon!
Tesla shares fall after users vote to have Tesla dump 10% of its’ stock following a comment on twitter on another situation.

Give the taxpayers their money back?

Elon Musk sells 5 billion in Tesla shares after twitter poll.
Why it could be hard for China to quit coal.

Cause they’re already completely dependent on it. And they are the worst offenders.
The expert has nothing to say about climate change.
Green criminals strike again.


The green revolution needs fossil fuels!

Subaru unveils it’s first all electric vehicle.
Electric car batteries catch on fire, but hey it’s the only way to keep warm in the winter while driving one these vehicles of mayhem.

And if it catches on fire in accident, will you be able to put the battery fire out?