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Full Version: Gasohol/EV
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There’s a supply chain bottleneck already and Biden is asking for China to export their oil here to keep up with demand.

How about all of our own oil that you exported elsewhere Biden?

Rolls Royce claims to have developed the world’s fastest all electric aircraft.

Facepalm   I’m not sure how well this is going to go over.

San Diego’s per mile driving tax explained.

Don’t they have something like this in the infrastructure bill?

Global warming:  the biggest scam in history

Bill Gates:  it will need a tremendous level of cooperation.

You first Bill.  Just put on these stripes and walk right into your new home.  And lock the door behind you.

Trump & Graham decry Biden plan to tap strategic petroleum reserve.

Tapping into the reserves will only last

2 whole days.

What a sad excuse for a dementia patient of a leader.
Eternity just arbitrarily stops at billions and billions and billions according to scientists like Carl Sagan. We'll have a cosmic experience.

[Image: Johnny-Carson-as-Carl-Sagan.png]

So does the special reserves.  Billions divided by billions isn't that much.

Oil prices drop to 2 month lows as new corona virus strain puts markets on edge.

So much for tapping the special reserve.