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Full Version: Gasohol/EV
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New Green engine to take us to space.

Houston, we have a problem.
Ahh Yes . Spiking the Fuel .

Hooched Up Gasoline impacts Rubber Parts detrimentally .

Uncle John introduced Me to Fuel Spiking at the Local Round de Round Stock Car Track . Pointed out the " Blue Flame " Exhaust that was the give away .

" A lil too much Juice in That Jalopy . "


New hydrogen energy plant planned in Europe.

[Image: hindenburg-crash.jpg]

Economist: Green initiatives/agenda akin to new marxism.

Tesla whistleblower cites solar panel defects.  Can’t these guys do anything right?
Global recovery driving oil markets.

Toyota, the king of the supply chain that nobody implements correctly, going to build Japanese batteries for electric vehicles in North Carolina.  Maybe an alternate to the ones coming from China.

EPA trims ethanol requirements citing reduced demand due to the pandemic.  Or just because they are trying to do any with gas and replace it with electric cars.
It's not just fossil fuels, it is also a land grab.

And maybe just like the Bundy's the mineral rights too.