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Full Version: Gasohol/EV
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Going green means...

Somebody like Biden is getting some green in his bank account.
Look at us we're going to stop buying Russian oil, that'll get to them.

The electric cars we want you to buy to replace gas was built with Russian aluminum.

See how smart ass Biden is?
Remember when Biden said he would end the oil industry?

Wave of Brazen gas thefts unlike anything we have ever seen before.
Brain dead is now opening up federal leases in oil and gas.

The interstate system one of the best investments in the US?  The idea originally came from Hitler and his autobahn.
[Image: tweet-electric-vehicle-hour-charge-drive...C250&ssl=1]

Gas prices keep going up at the pump, but hundreds of california chevron refinery workers go on strike demand pay increase as cost of living soars.