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Full Version: Gasohol/EV
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Just like the Amish.

German farm owner saves fuel money with horse drawn carriage.

US announces sales of 40 million crude oil barrels from strategic petroleum reserve.  I don't think that was as much as the lat time and certainly has no noticeable effect.  That's if it didn't end up somewhere else.  I think they are deliberately trying to deplete all of the oil in favor of the electric vehicle so you will be forced to drive one.

Biden keeps raising the price of gas with no end in sight.  He's basically snubbing his nose at us, about all the crimes he's getting away with.  Let's go Brandon!

Tesla locks driver inside car, before bursting into flames.  Driver kicked out window to escape.

Maybe I should've bought the model that had the electric chair as an option.

Biden might release diesel reserves.
So if an induhvidual driving a Tesla leaves his lights on and his battery runs down, how exactly do you go about jump starting him?   Scratchinghead
I went to the gas station this evening.   I got the 89 octane stuff.  I paid $5.35 per gallon, but I will say I was within a mile of Interstate 65 between Indianapolis and Louisville.

Biden wanting to tax gas and oil windfall profits.

His electric vehicles aren't up the task.
[Image: mlq6ttsy16w41.png]

Not sure if the Flintstone family car is exactly practical.  It contains a wood frame surrounded by chairs made out of rock and steam rolling rock for tires.  The wood frame would probably not hold up to the rocks very well without cracking or splintering.  This would seem to be impossible to move around only being human powered.  I'm assuming that it would have rock and pinion steering, I'm having trouble figuring out how that would really work given the solid cylinder that seems to have very little room for movement other than being long and straight.  Probably was marketed as an economy model in an early attempt only known to the ancients.  We aren't able to get specifics on the drive train or transmission.  There also seems to be no information on fuel economy or performance.  The octane rating of the taco used for fuel must've been much better than what we see in modern time. Insurance on it might have cost an arm and a leg. Wink There seems to be no crash test data. We also aren't sure of the suspension or the road conditions that this vehicle was meant to ride on.  It's only direct competitor might have replaced the human power with horse power, which is kind of odd, because in Bedrock, most of their appliances are usually powered by some sort of mammal, but not the vehicle they drive to get around.   Chuckle

Electric brakes?

Tesla brakes for no reason?
[Image: portable-outdoor-rotary-clothesline-0fC7...403529.jpg]

The wind and solar powered clothes drier machine.  Yeah3