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Full Version: Katy Bar The Door
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Changing the Focus.  Changing the Title of this Thread. 

We invited Katy to join, but alas, she is not yet here.

[Image: H5pwed3.gif] 

I'm pulling the pressure.

We wish to thank you, Katy, for your courage, inspiration, and for your prayers through the years.

Thank you, Katy, we love you!

I know you will pray for us every morning.  We thank you for your requests for protection!  Katy Bar The Door!
Original OP, A Gift From Katie. Encouragement, Focus, Support, Revelation, God Wins.

We can always use new frens. Welcome Katy!

[Image: 5UIAm2b.gif]
Katy was with us at ION.  She is a dear one, I keep posting her material in the bar.  Would love to see you join BTF, Katy!

[Image: lJTQncP.gif]

(10-28-2021, 03:09 PM)PaigeofTimes Wrote: [ -> ]We can always use new frens.  Welcome Katy! 

[Image: 5UIAm2b.gif]

Katy will have to join to answer you @PaigeofTimes!

Katy is always welcome here! Looking forward to your posts! Cheer  Heartflowers  Heartflowers
[Image: TNpq00l.jpg][Image: lw2HZaS.gif]
Come on in, Katy, don't be shy!  Wink

HE wants you also to join, and have fun with us!!

[Image: HSnaWRB.png]
Is that a swoon? Yup! A Swoon!

Grin Grin