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Full Version: WH experimental drug to be forced on majority of Americans Jan 4th
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Looks like the little authoritarians in the wh are pissed they lost Virginia and NJ is being contested due to voter fraud...Biden shit his pants in Italy and is now in the USA smearing his shit on Americans.

Biden’s private-sector COVID-19 vaccine mandate will take effect Jan. 4, administration officials said Thursday — with fines of up to $14,000 per infraction for employers that don’t comply.

The regulation is likely to be challenged in court, but a Biden administration official said on a press call that the rule overrides any state policy against coronavirus vaccine mandates.

The mandate applies to businesses with 100 or more employees — or about 84 million people, officials said.

Employers will need to adopt policies that either require all workers to get their final vaccine shot by Jan. 4 or policies that allow unvaccinated workers to keep their jobs if they submit to weekly testing and mask-wearing

I don’t think that OSHA can get away with it either.
He doesn't have the authority. But, before it can be challenged in court, something big will happen...

and what we've endured will appear to be nothing in comparison....
84 million people.  That can’t be possible.  84 million people didn’t vote for Biden.  They voted against him.  We don’t work for Biden and he doesn’t work for us.
(11-04-2021, 12:48 PM)counterintelligence Wrote: [ -> ]

I don’t think that OSHA can get away with it either.

That may be...but it isn’t stopping Biden from strong arming the stupid CEOs and HR morons into forced compliance.

Big Companies are implementing this shit right now...I can’t tell you all which companies (or how I know), but they are currently gearing up to comply with this shithead in office. Millions of people are about to have their lives turned upside down.

This is not going to end well.
The Biden administration on Thursday unveiled a sweeping new COVID-19 vaccination rule that would require about 17 million health care workers across 76,000 hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities to get fully immunized by Jan. 4.

The vaccine mandate for health workers and an accompanying one for businesses with 100 or more employees aims to reduce the ranks of the unvaccinated, prevent workers and customers from getting sick and spur the economy by encouraging millions of Americans to return to work.

Unlike the companion mandate for private businesses, health care workers who refuse vaccination won't have the option of getting tested in lieu of immunization. Citing "higher bar" for health facilities because of their critical role in ensuring the health and safety of patients, President Joe Biden's plan will allow only health care workers who qualify for a medical or religious exemption to skip the immunization, a senior administration official said.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will enforce the mandate through routine inspections, or surveys, of the facilities that participate in the federal insurance programs. Facilities that don't meet the vaccine mandate can be cited or fined but will be given multiple chances to improve vaccination compliance, officials said.

The federal regulations aim to ensure health providers comply with the new vaccine mandate. "It is not to punish workers for health care facilities. However, we will not hesitate to use our full enforcement authority to protect the health and safety of patients," a senior administration official said.
Governors are suing the Biden assministration:

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said she plans to take "immediate legal action" in response to the new federal rule requiring workers at large businesses to get vaccinated for COVID-19 or face regular testing.

The rules, which were released Thursday, fill in the details for the vaccination requirement President Joe Biden announced in September for businesses with 100 or more employees. The requirement will go into effect Jan. 4.

The rule could apply to more than 2,200 Iowa businesses, accounting for more than 923,000 workers, according to the Iowa Department of Workforce Development.

“Biden’s plan pits Americans against Americans while forcing them to choose between making a living or standing up for their personal beliefs," Reynolds said. "Biden’s actions will only worsen the existing workforce shortages and supply chain issues that hinder our economic recovery."
Image of the little authoritarian turd in his fake WH studio set.

[Image: Pe3nTXV.jpg]

The anger I’m feeling right now...I’m surprised he hasn’t spontaneously combusted yet.
Louisiana was one of the states where the OSHA mandate wont have the ability to force state employees to follow it.

Federal vaccine mandate won’t extend to Louisiana’s local and state employees, including school district employees

Last week, Biden signed two executive orders that will require millions of people to get COVID vaccines as a condition of their employment. One applies to federal contractors and the other to federal employees. Biden also announced that he has ordered the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration — the regulatory agency that enforces federal workplace safety standards — to develop a rule requiring workplaces with more than 100 employees to require vaccinations or weekly tests. Though many local and state governments, including school districts, meet that qualification, state and local governments in Louisiana, along with more than 20 other states, will not have to follow the rule.

That’s because OSHA doesn’t have automatic jurisdiction over state and local public employers. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act specifically excludes them. (It also excludes the federal government, though a separate section of the law allows the agency to inspect federal workplace conditions. And federal employees are covered by Biden’s executive order on vaccines.) However, 26 states and two U.S. territories have opted into OSHA coverage by adopting state OSHA plans, which are overseen by the federal agency.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Labor, of which OSHA is a part, confirmed that those states will fall under the vaccine rule, called an Emergency Temporary Standard, or ETS.

Along with private sector employees, “The ETS will also apply to public sector state and local government workers, including educators and school staff, in the 26 states and two territories with a state OSHA plan,” OSHA spokeswoman Denisha Braxton told The Lens in an email this week.

Louisiana, however, isn’t one of those states.

Is JBE going to try and change this?