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Full Version: Court upholds FAAs requirement for remote ID on quads (drones)
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Getting into flying a quad you have to understand that you are joining a national airspace that us already in existence, and rules mostly specified.  Quads have kind of caught the federal authority a little off guard and stymies the previously established paradigm.  

As with most governmental bodies they come up with rules that don't always work like they do on paper.  It looks good on paper.  Sometimes they try to make rules stick.  Some just don't stick. Or you have to cross reference rules to get the answer.

However the article was written by a musician among other talents.  It is somewhat dated.
So if my quad gets lost somewhere and I can't find it

And the coordinates from the quad app gives me a wrong location

And remote ID gives me a different set of coordinates

And I still can't figure out which thorn bush the thing ended up in

Now what do I do?

DJI holding first AirWorks conference at the Mirage Hotel in sin city Oct 10-12 including where different facets of the industry is going and challenges.

The agenda
News media trying to work people up that a quad is looking in their window and now we have remote ID coming up.  

Does it sound alot like this?

You see that guy I was talking to?  He said a guy that smokes as much as you do must be one dumb son of a bitch?

The government is actively promoting/inciting a well planned riot!   Ham Slap
Outside of areas where the FAA would have jurisdiction over airspace, they're leaving it up to a clueless citizen or local fuzz by expecting everyone to implement the remote ID function on their quad.  Something is really wrong about the transfer of duty here.  The FAA doesn't have the manpower to police the quad community, so they'll create this police state mentality by saying quads are staring in people's windows.
Race day quads (the one who brought the lawsuit against the FAA over remote ID) has a nice little write up about Remote ID and why they pursued the law suit.
ADS-B is at least being used for traffic avoidance, but they're trying to place the avoidance of other aircraft on the pilots.  And there is no reason to use that to stack more airplanes on top of each other.  There's not really any reason why they need to be going that close to each other.  Going at different speeds and one bouncing around in turbulence and the others not.

Remote ID doesn't really do anything for traffic avoidance unless the quad pilot grabs a mobile device looking for other quads just like their neighbors and other law enforcement charged with doing that instead of the FAA directly.  But it doesn't work on just any mobile device as of yet. 2.4 and 5GHz is just not something most people have a scanner device for.
I'm pondering the quad registration might be a racket just like the automobile DMV registration.  Although at least in the consumer market it's not nearly worth as much.  Just pay $5 to let the government know what you've got.
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