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Full Version: Court upholds FAAs requirement for remote ID on quads (drones)
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Even before remote ID has been mandated, pilots of quads have already reported being accosted while out flying.  Mainly based on what the fake news feeds them about quads.
Better make sure that your remote ID broadcasts module is compatible with apples strict licensing agreements.

[Image: AATXAJy-R_44lV4kbegA8-ftIFUI1QvI2_yHfgjg...f-no-rj-mo]

Or your remote ID receiving Bluetooth broadcast may not work.

Ex parte communication had no influence on the rule making process says the court.

Let's look at the stakeholders and their interests.

If djis assumptions are correct 95% of the quads wouldn't need to be registered.  Dji states that the adjusted safety factor they came up with should allow up to 2.2kg (roughly 5 pounds).  This makes most quads not need this overrated public safety factor an excuse that the FAA is using to implement a needless and ineffective remote ID campaign a waste of time and money bothering with.

You know what means boys and girls?  That means that mostly only the heavy weight expensive quads that the police duhpartment and other like agencies use would have to be registered and could be monitored by police agencies.  Haha

Is the weight they came up with more for flying over people or for being hit by manned aircraft?  It has to satisfy both conditions!

[Image: 695eb5706d5101301d7a001dd8b71c47]
(10-30-2022, 03:05 AM)counterintelligence Wrote: [ -> ]I'm wondering if the FAA isn't using their control of the airspace to keep us out of places they don't want us to be just like Biden was using OSHA to force us all to get the clot shot in the same manner?

One of the reasons of many that I retired in 2020. I walked into the CEO's office and asked if we were required to get the jab, He said no but you will in 2 months. I turned in my final day notice the next day. 

I don't know what the hell they don't want people to see here where I live. Dairy farms, cattle ranches, occasional millionaire mansions. And a lot of freaking nothing but sagebrush and badger holes.
Ok so they can identify you flying your quad with remote ID, but if they can't prove what you are doing then they'll want to see your automated flight records.  So that's where the unaddressed search and seizure would come into play.

Drone can drop robodog behind enemy lines.

This item is not a quad but it is an add-on module that most likely won't even fit. It is now on the approved remote ID list.

The specs say that it uses Bluetooth with a range of a mile, but it is also using LTE instead of wifi.  I thought the court said no requirement to the cellular option because it was not reliable in far stretches of the country.  Already backing out of the deal there FAA?
Because they fear this.
[Image: dec-13-2019-14-32-06-1576265545.gif]
(11-01-2022, 02:47 PM)Яudis Wrote: [ -> ]Because they fear this.
[Image: dec-13-2019-14-32-06-1576265545.gif]
All those quads from Russia Russia Russia again.  
They are probably paranoid government idiots afraid of getting caught committing their daily crime and don't want it to be used against them.
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