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Full Version: Court upholds FAAs requirement for remote ID on quads (drones)
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(02-11-2023, 01:26 PM)mate96 Wrote: [ -> ]The issue was that remote ID would make it possible for anyone to locate the quad operator while they are still in the air and pursue them with pitchforks and burn briquets. If ordinary folks are aware of the regulations, a lazy government will let them handle the enforcement on their behalf. Remote ID does not manage the national airspace, which is FAA's responsibility. It does not deter intrusions by quadcopters, nor does it stop incursions by quadcopters and manned aircraft (the stated purpose).

Many quads could need to be modified with remote ID modules, which could cause further issues. If the FAA ever decides to require remote identification, DJI has one on hand, but it probably won't meet their requirements.
That's what many people are saying.  There's questionable reports of drone sightings as opposed to drone incidents.  Some of it seems to be politically or commercially (Amazon, FedEx, drone deliveries) motivated.  DJIs aeroscope is an expensive for governments but it's not any less expensive to retrofit even the model aviation.   Not cost effective on either end.  Nor does it serve any useful purpose.  I don't want the common idiot making up rules of why I can't fly regardless of what rules I can choose to operate from.  The whole thing is bastardized in so many ways.

FAA going woke.   Facepalm

Pilots say FAA less worried about safety and people who can do their job, to being the scum of the Biden administration.  Race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Come fly the unfriendly skies.

May explain why they can't even come up with sensible drone regulations.

Reasons for close calls and notam system going down recently?

Reauthorization Act of 2023 coming up.  Maybe we can get some of the rules changed.  But so far the response I have gotten from writing Congress is crickets.  Either they have no idea or they have a smug on their face.

Arizona legislature to ban drone flights over houses challenging faa jurisdiction.

Also trying to do the same thing in Missouri.

Being more restrictive than the federal regulations.
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