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Full Version: Court upholds FAAs requirement for remote ID on quads (drones)
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DJI has already implemented a system of remote ID in their many quads.  They support it and have a system to find their quads already, but they don't like the FAAs implementation of it.
Ok so I have my half pound quad that doesn't require registration.

[Image: Mavic-Mini-1-of-10-920x516.jpg]

But I might be flying over people for extended periods of time.  So I gotta add some propeller guards.  

[Image: 276919585-400x300.jpeg]

And since there are no category 1 quads out there, now I'm a category 2, which will put me over the weight and require RID and registration.

Or I'm gonna add floats because I don't want to take a drink.

[Image: dji-mavic-mini-landing-float-kit-startrc.jpg]

Again, we'll have to register.  Cause now we're over weight.
Wrong thread.
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Looks like some guys are trying to do some early adoption of what receiving Remote ID with your smart device might look like.

Turns out they can only confirm a hand ful of smart devices are even capable of possibly even doing such a task.

Let's grab my not capable of identifying this quad guy smart device and be completely disappointed in not being able to find out.

Haha  Jptdknpa

As we suspected, remote id compliance requirement on manufacturers pushed back a couple of months into December, which most likely won't be required for operational purposes, until December 2023 for quad fliers.

Going over the regulations as of last year with a fine tooth comb.  Hopefully, not dated information.
Find out if your over half a pound quad is on the RID list.
Posted on the Chinese drone maker DJI website.

No evidence of unexpected data transmission occurring from DJI drones to DJI, China or anywhere else.

Hmm...  Eyeroll
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