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Full Version: Court upholds FAAs requirement for remote ID on quads (drones)
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Noticing that there are several deceptive ads regarding quads.

Talking about a quad that does everything with all the bells and whistles, 

But the item on the shelf is just a cheap knock off that doesn't have any such specs.

The eachine is one example.  They advertise a pie in the sky quad, but what you are getting is something close to an eachine.  May even charge hundreds of dollars for something that "performs just as good as a high quality quad."  Just be aware of this lost leader racket as it is quite prevalent.
So if you're not allowed to fly over people or moving vehicles:

If your flying your quad over an empty space at 100 feet above the ground

And two fast moving cars collide into each other and the crash is directly below the quad

Is the quad just a witness if it happened to be recording

Or is it actually involved in the accident?


15 foot accuracy?

Coming from GPS or somewhere else?

Just looking to ground uas altogether?
Tmobile was on the advisory board. Now they are trying to team up with exo which used to be hubsan. Right there in their stores.

Tmobile was probably floating the idea that we have to connect to their cell tower even in remote areas where the connection doesn't work well for use with remote ID. But that was overturned, and a real good possibility, it was also a conflict of interest.
Thanks for My Toy Sweet Heart .

Doesn 't Have the Range to get off the Property from the Front Porch .

Gove can Shove All Their Rules .

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