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Full Version: Media Exposing Bouzy, Bot Sentinel Hired By Markle and Heard
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(12-12-2022, 06:04 PM)ELIAKIM Wrote: [ -> ]I am happy to announce we have successfully registered Spoutible Inc. in Delaware. We are one step closer to providing a new platform for you guys!

Who else registered their companies in Delaware? Meghan and Harry. 
Just scrolled down on the Tweets in response Christopher Boucy's announcement to find someone posting "We can't wait to be on the Freedom Flight". It was posted an hour ago by someone that goes by the name "Just my opinion" @adobea_djin 

Who spoke of the "Freedom Flight" in the Netflix documentary? Harry. 

'The trailer then flits to self-filmed footage of Harry – presumably flying from Canada to California in early 2020 – saying: 'We are on the freedom flight.''

The trailer also includes a clip of an interview with Christopher Bouzy, a US tech entrepreneur who has set up a firm to track disinformation and harassment online, despite having posted a string of disparaging posts, particularly about the Prince and Princess of Wales.

He says: 'They were actively recruiting people to disseminate disinformation', but does not make clear who 'they' are.

Harry and Meghan's Expert Exposed. Here are the Facts They Do Not want you to know.

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Christopher Bouzy, 47, appeared in Harry and Meghan’s Netflix doc after his company BotCentral issued a report saying they were on the receiving end of millions of trolls. He did not mention that he was one of those TROLLS.

In the Daily Mail today. 

EXCLUSIVE: Tech CEO who slammed Twitter and trolls in Meghan and Harry's Netflix finale is being SUED for calling a New York lawyer the 'son of two crackheads' - as his company is labelled a 'digital attack dog'
  • Christopher Bouzy, 47, appeared in the new Harry and Meghan Netflix doc claiming his company BotSentinel analyzed thousands of anti-Meghan tweets

  • can reveal that Bouzy is being sued by a former NYPD cop-turned-lawyer over statements he made on his social media

  • Nathaniel Broughty launched the suit against him in October after Bouzy claimed Broughty wasn't a real lawyer or cop

  • Broughty's lawyer said: 'If Chris Bouzy doesn't like you, you're going to be labeled disruptive' Lmao
Meghan and Harry told to 'kiss America goodbye' as US critics slam new Netflix series

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to have lost a considerable amount of overseas support after their full six-episode Netflix docu-series concluded.
Another aspect of this story. Adam Waldman on a telephone call with the man that was hired by Amber Heard's legal team to investigate Johnny, the PI didn't find anything on Johnny to report. He's told his truth about it and since then has been defamed and harassed by Amber's supporters and paid operatives. 



Nate the Lawyer has made another video after the final part of the docuseries has been aired.

Of course it included Christopher Bouzy and Bot Sentinel 

Harry and Meghan ?Shocker?| Twitter says NO EVIDENCE of HATE CAMPAIGN against Meghan.


Prince Harry Caught Leaking & Planting Stories Against Palace but Claims He Is The Victim.

video from Nate The Lawyer

Lady C is featured in the video, and she's talking about Bouzy. 


This looks like an interesting update on Christopher Bouzy, so I'm having a listen. 

Harry and Meghan Twitter Expert ran Online Escort Service and used Twitter Bots. Receipts.


(01-24-2023, 03:57 PM)ELIAKIM Wrote: [ -> ]This looks like an interesting update on Christopher Bouzy, so I'm having a listen. 

Harry and Meghan Twitter Expert ran Online Escort Service and used Twitter Bots. Receipts.


Nate the Lawyer and team have found a list of bots.  Lmao Same time, exact date, same day, with exactly the tweet. I've seen the bots on YT too, has soon as you see a comment that is exactly the same everywhere, it's a bot.
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