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Full Version: Media Exposing Bouzy, Bot Sentinel Hired By Markle and Heard
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Cross posting with C&B, this deserves it's own thread. Nate Lawyer is suing Christopher Bouzy for defamation. There are loads of court cases against Bouzy. 

The reason for this thread is that Nate the Lawyer says that media have been calling him from all around the world all day due to Bouzy being featured in the Harry and Meghan documentary and the 2nd trailer was launched by Netflix today. 

They were all asking for the info on Bouzy. Nate says that they're doing their research on this one, they're asking all the ins and outs. When they were looking for info on Bouzy, they came across Nate's videos, that's why they phoned him, Nate is credible, being a professional lawyer. 

The media now realise that Bouzy was a hired gun working for Heard and Markle. Nate says it's blowing up overseas. 

Bouzy also had help from inside Twitter to get people banned etc prior to the takeover by Elon. Also Bouzy's lawyers are the same lawyers that are standing against Elon Musk. In a previous video Nate asked how can Boucy afford those lawyers? Who is funding him? 

Major Bouzy Update | It is finally happening. | They are about to expose the truth.

Uploaded an hour ago. 

55 mins 

Nate said it's going to be all over the newspapers, they're saying it's more damaging to H&M than the documentary.  Lmao


Boucy is telling people on Twitter that he's in the media due to being in the H&M documentary trailer. Little does he know what's coming next. 
This is an article from August 2022 

In the midst of its battle with Elon Musk, Twitter threatens to revoke Bot Sentinel's data access after founder suggests Twitter has more than 5% 'bots'
One example of the media trying to catch up. 

Tech CEO who made cruel comments about the Prince and Princess of Wales ageing appears in new explosive trailer for Harry & Meghan
  • Christopher Bouzy says: 'It's about hatred. It's about race' in new Netflix trailer

  • The CEO and founder of data firm Bot Sentinel researches online abuse 

  • Last year Bouzy tweeted Kate and William, 40, were ageing in 'banana years'

See new Tweets



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Nate The Lawyer


To all the Major News outlets calling me, this is where I will be spilling the beans on Bouzy.

See you guys in 10 Min.

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Major Bouzy Update | It is finally happening. | They are about to...
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6:30 pm · 5 Dec 2022

Quote Tweets

There is some good tweets the further you scroll. 

This is the Netflix trailer that Bouzy appears in talking about "racism and hatred". 

"Meghan and Harry's Self-Pitying and Untrue New Netflix Trailer, with Michael Knowles"


Piers Morgan blasts ‘Pinocchio’ Meghan and ‘hypocrite’ Harry for using him in doc trailer

Piers Morgan has slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for including him in the trailer for their new documentary.
There's a petition too for Twitter to suspend Bouzy for harassment. 

Text with the petition. 

Since the global spectacle of the Oprah interview where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Meghan Smollett) recounted many stories (most of which have been confirmed as lies, or at best half truths) about their life as working members of the British Royal Family, members of the public have debated, criticized, and responded to H&M’s antics. 

However, rather than take the criticisms in the light in which it is offered, that is, relating solely to Meghan and Harry’s own divisive and hypocritical actions, a team of almost-cult like followers, #SussexSquad, have launched violent threats, intimidation, targeted harassment and hate against the British Royal Family and fans of the institution who in their right, seek to protect it from the actions of Ms. Smollett.  

Three such accounts belong to Taz, Yanky Wally and Murky Meg, and they represent less than 0.04% of the audience who have expressed frustration at Harry and Meghan.  Mr. Christopher E. Bouzy, a former bankrupt who was unable to afford his rent as of 2019 and faced eviction in civil court, decided to jump on the wagon of Sussex Squad, claiming, albeit for his own monetary purposes, that there were coordinated and targeted attacks against Meghan Markle on Twitter.  He published a report which was sent to Twitter.  Twitter discarded the report as RUBBISH!  Indeed, only Sussex Squad has a history of coordinated and targeted hate.  Meghan Markle (Archewell) staff follows many of these squad accounts. 

But Mr. Bouzy did not back down.  This time, he decided to capture to personal information of these Twitter accounts, including their YouTube pages, put up their pictures, account information, and other personal identifiable information of the trio in a “final final final report” with the motive to intimidate, harass and force the trio to stop conversation relating to Harry and Meghan.  One must ask: is this from his dedication or out of the donations he gets based on his requests for donations from Bot sentinel (a company he operates).  Could one of the donors be linked to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? (I ask because Prince Harry cited Bouzy’s report at a seminar with Aspen Institute). 

The crux of this petition is to ask Twitter to immediately suspend Christopher Bouzy for intentionally targeting, harassing, and asking his supporters to harass private individuals who set up YouTube and Twitter accounts to rightly criticize Meghan and Harry.  The duo are judged for their action which is replete with lies, pretense, word salad, family shaming, race baiting , and screams of white privilege.  And Bouzy knows as much.  Yet, he decides to attack these three women and anyone else — male, female, non-binary, straight, LGBTIA+, white/black/Asian/Native American and others across the globe who seek to and expose Meghan Smollett and her husband. This must stop!  

[b]4,791 have signed.[/b] Let’s get to 5,000!

[Image: green-buzzworthy.svg][b]At 5,000 signatures[/b], this petition is more likely to get picked up by [b]local news[/b]!
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