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Full Version: Biden Says Classified Documents Were in Locked Garage With His Corvette
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Timeline of classified document fiasco.
(01-14-2023, 01:30 PM)counterintelligence Wrote: [ -> ]

Timeline of classified document fiasco.
Nice work...I love those timeline articles.....
Looks like we have enough evidence to

[Image: MV5BMTU1NTUxODA2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTQ3...00_AL_.jpg]

Finally get some justice. 

Or maybe the tptb are just ready to get rid of Biden... and they are doing this on purpose.
How many people have been to Biden's house or office and went hey some classified documents?
[Image: CSazaCI.jpg]
[Image: IFfMslX.jpg]
[Image: joe-jill-biden-classified-documents-gara...C385&ssl=1]

The schiffty guy again saying that national security could possibly be jeopardized with Biden documents.  Wait you didn't use the clam word democracy.  Well now it's only Biden on the line and not the entire demoncrat party.

Biden classified documents just put Obama in a bind.

But not only that we end right back up at Hunters laptop.

And then the thought of Camel Hair should start a revolt as she is another ineligible to serve as president.
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