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Full Version: Γ  O R I T - B   C O D E X the fall of the Cabal
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(12-02-2019, 06:35 AM)SlowLoris Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-02-2019, 02:25 AM)K1ll_R06U3 Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-02-2019, 02:16 AM)bigD111 Wrote: [ -> ]Somewhere in the Codex it says Adolf Rothschild Hitler!  Now we can see how Switzerland could be neutral during the World wars!
Khazarian Jews. Enemies of the real Jews. Roths had all the land taken from the Palestinians. Created Hitler and scared Jews all over Europe into buying the land and creating a home. Pocketing billions or even trillions
Collected  in one place for the ultimate blood sacrifice to Moloch The 10th crusade WWIII

These people are evil
Evil beyond belief Slo Lo. Many of these drops ring true. Just a few more and then I'm done. We can start delving into some of them and see what we come up with. 
On page 2 their is an interesting one talking about Trump Tesla and Melania..time travel.. so much we don't know
What percentage of the population is approaching that age at which memory goes with the wind?
You think society has collective amnesia now?
Wait a few more years.
Do you think 5G and the “Smart Grid” will make the situation any better?
Do statins and anti-hypertensives make Alzheimers worse?
What percentage of the aging population is prescribed these medications?
Should we be more concerned about he rise of the police state, or the rise of the hospital state?
At what point does the percentage of the population experiencing dementia become so great that the function of society itself goes haywire?
In so many ways, it already is dysfunctional.
What we are saying is; When does it descend into pure madness?

Can old dogs learn new tricks?
How can toxic, non-sustainable habits be abandoned by those who are stuck in their ways and mentally incapable of change?
Garbage culture, landfills, microwave ovens, TV news, gardens of inedible foliage, gas guzzling machines, aluminum antiperspirant, fluoride toothpaste…  the list goes on.
All devices, and practices that will not serve New Earth.

How many people are not ready for New Earth.
How many people believe that America under Obama like Eden?
How many people believe Trump has lost his mind, and should be impeached?
25th Amendment.
If only they could understand the decoding…
Not all spelling errors on Twitter are mistakes.
Will the world be saved before the mental health apocalypse that is looming?
What does “Crazytown” look like?
How do we save the minds of our beloved elders?
How do we escape the mayhem if we fail at this?

How do you break a horse.
How do you break the mind of a child?
How do you take a child’s innate curiosity and passion to learn, and turn it into an urge to get wasted.
In your world, a student must not ONLY receive 7 hours of indoctrination per day,
That indoctrination must continue into their private life, and pervade every moment of their existence.
Any intellectual interests a child may have are steamrolled by the “curriculum.”
Students are given so much to do in and outside of school that there is practically no time, or mental energy left to pursue their own interests.
By the end of the trauma, all they want to do is escape,
Escape to video games.  Escape to drugs and alcohol.
Why not create a self-driven curriculum?

How much of what you learn in highschool gets forgotten immediately afterwards?
How much of that knowledge are you using as an adult?
Who chose the range of subjects that are taught?
Does anyone actually think this is the knowledge that will be useful later in life?
What a joke it is!
The joke is on the minds of the youth.
They are drained and exhausted by their “education” and become adults without any useful skills, barely able to function independently.
What about survival skills?  Hunting, agriculture, Biodynamics…
What about financial survival skills? Investment, business, tax law…
What about basic knowledge of mechanics?  Construction, how machines work, how to build them…
What about personal development? How to not live in your ego.  How to be a positive vibrational steward on this planet.
Then of course there is an entire range of occulted subjects that modern science refuses to even acknowledge.
Subjects which could be highly useful; Pyramid technology, meditation, the science of crystals.
None of this is typically taught.
Instead they teach bogus history, mathematics that will never be used, novels of fiction, and science that is intentionally outdated and so conceptual as to have no practical purpose.
We tell you children, seek out the knowledge you are drawn to.
You may be trapped in a terrible education system designed to drain your energy, and prevent you from achieving your full human potential.
Find the loopholes, and take responsibility for your own education.
The System will fail you, as it has failed all adults.
The real knowledge is out there, but it will not be spoon-fed to you.
Do not despair, and resort to self-destructive coping mechanisms.
Know you are here for a reason, and seek knowledge of the most high to fulfill your greatest destiny.

No one can fathom the genius of the maestro.

Does steel sink in water?
How does a ship float?
Why cant ships float in the air?
How do Zeppelins float?
Why don’t we ride them anymore?
Why are they only used to advertise at sporting events these days?
How does a submarine change its density to move up and down in water?
What is stopping it from traveling up and down in the atmosphere?
What is stopping it from floating into space?
Why did Trump order a nuclear space fleet?
How do ancient Vimanas operate?
Why couldn’t we build one today?

What is the most viable way to access renewable, sustainable energy?
Once you’ve generated a small amount of electricity, how can you amp it up?
Can multiple systems generating small amperage be funneled into a larger system to produce more power.
How do you get more power out than you put in?
How do you store it?
How do you then use it?
Can you capture a bolt of lightening?
How long could the energy of a lightening bolt power a home?
Where does the energy in lightening come from?
Why couldn’t we tap into that energy source directly?

“Q, Are we alone?”
“No. Q” (9.19.18)
We must keep reemphasizing this particular Q drop, as its far reaching ramifications have yet to be fully absorbed.
To what extent are you not alone?
Are most Anons ready to accept this?
How does this revelation affect existing belief systems?
Should it be ignored if it conflicts with preexisting beliefs?
Is this revelation wholly incompatible with those fundamental beliefs, or is there a narrative that can be all encompassing?
Many continue to dwell in hatred and intolerance.
These are manifestations of fear and ego.
Before you are granted access to the technologies of tomorrow,
You must demonstrate the maturity required to use these tools responsibly.
Do you want the power of unlimited energy falling into the wrong hands?
[Jihadists / KKK / Neo Nazis / Satanists]
It may have already fallen into the wrong hands before, but at least it’s been used with some degree of responsibility.
Your planet is still here, isn’t it?
Its not too late to mend the situation.
The time is Now.
You must learn to live in peace with beings different than your own kind.
You must learn that while there are generally distinctions between good & evil, there is no black & white, no universal template as to which beliefs and practices are right or wrong.
You can empirically measure peace, harmony, and constructive progress, verses war, terror, and destruction.
We implore you to reside in the vibration of love, and that is what you will attract to this planet.
As Archons are drawn to negativity, benevolent beings of all varieties will draw nearer to you when they are confident that their safety is assured.
No benevolent galactic being wants to end up nailed to a cross.
Your planet has a concerning reputation in this regard.
Take heed of Q’s message.
This is the gateway to a brighter future for your planet.
The grass is always greener on the other side.
No one can teach you this.
You have to learn it for yourself.
Next, you must overcome your envy to unlearn the same lesson.
You have put yourself in your present situation for reasons known only to you,
But forgotten in the chaos of the present moment.

What are lightcodes?
How do you download them?
Listening to channeling,
Hearing Native chants & drumming,
Looking at crop circles,
Looking at artwork encoded with positive intent.
Lightcodes promote spiritual advancement.
They exist beyond what is readily apparent.
They trigger the mind to wonder, and thus access new frontiers of imagination.
Think subliminal messaging (positive).
What then are darkcodes?
How long ago did dark Occultists figure out lightcodes and learn how to invert them?
When you sit down to watch a movie, or the news, or listen to popular music…
How many darkcodes are you absorbing?
Fewer if you are conscious of it, but if you are unconscious of the danger, the result can be devastating.
We warn you, this problem is worsening presently.
The Hollywood machine, which is also fueling new platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, is reaching new depths of darkness.
Portrayals of violence, sadness, funerals, horrors, conflict, arguments, negative drama, fear, terror…
All these affect the viewer psychologically.
These subconsciously inspire the subject to attract the same negative forces.
They bring negative energy that simply needn’t exist, into people’s homes, and lives, .
These devices, movies, TV, news, are the only tools the dark occultists have left to work with.
Their boogymen don’t work anymore.
Their overusage of these tools is revealing that which used to be hidden.
The subliminal messages are no longer subliminal to some.
Of course, any kind of entertainment is always a bit of a gamble.
Will it be good, or will it be bad?
Now is the time for heightened discretion.
Would you rather be downloading lightcodes or darkcodes?
Plan your life accordingly.

On the top of every hill there is a an energy Vortex.
You can go there to recharge.
Build a copper pyramid with a crystal on top.
These are simple things u can do.

Is there more to the insectoid phylum than we are led to believe?
What is the role of the bees?
What is the role of the mantids?
What lies beneath an ant hill?
How do you explain hive consciousness?
Are insects psychic?
Is there a “Brain Bug?”
Why do bees bow before a Queen?
Are hierarchy and nobility generally associated with mindless drones?
When have people witnessed 6’ mantoids?
What is the role of these beings the the galactic narrative?
Would more evolved animals exist if insects were not maintaining the foundations of the biome?
Why do you call them pests?
Why do you call an exterminator?
What if they are here for a reason?
What if they aid and communicate with humans in subtle ways?
Homosapien superiority complex.
Are there good and bad insects, like any other set of beings?
Lord of the Flies.
Do insects feel emotion?
Do insects understand sacrificing one’s self for the good of the collective?
Raising your conscious awareness is about recognizing sentience in all forms of beings; stones, crystals, plants, insects, other animals, ETs, Ai…
Life-force energy must be recycled at times.
But unwarranted destruction is of a lower vibration.
Learn to hear the messages, and observe the subtle comms of the insects.
Many are here to help you.  Let them be your allies.
As Earth goes through this transition, their consciousness is raising as well.
You will start to see more indications of conscious behavior in them.
Acknowledge and respect them and they may return the favor.
They may feel less emotion than humans, but there are lessons to be learned from the hive mentality.
Living in a state of perpetual conscious ceremony.
More cooperation, and less drama could be a benefit to your kind.
Do you have a personal relationship with an ascended being?
Can anyone really claim to know these figures?
Jesus, St. Germain, Ashtar, Sananda…
Can anyone really claim to know anyone other than themselves?
Is the conception of any other person in your mind not inherently skewed from your own perspective, and your own experience with that individual?
How could you ever fully know anyone, unless you merged with their consciousness.
Others exist as constructs in our minds.
There is the physical, other entity, and then there is the abridged version of that entity you know based on your personal perception.
Know there is always more to the story than that which you have perceived.
Know that you innately inject your own judgements, biases, and fantasies into your conception of any being you come to know.
To know anyone, is to know only your own personal understanding of them.
Never forget, there may be facets to their existence that you have failed to comprehend.
Thus, you must be open to improving your understanding of any subject.
Do not allow stubbornness to cause you to cling to what you know like a rock in a river.
You must flow with new downloads of information,
So that your conception of any thing, or being, or concept must closely matches that which is the true reality.

You can choose to see everything created by humans as “unnatural.”
Or you can choose to see everything created by humans as perfectly natural, an extension of nature itself.
If you fight against nature, you’ll face an uphill battle, that will likely end in disaster.
If you learn to work with nature, you may end up improving it.
The force of nature is more powerful than the force of man.
Never forget that.
Choose wisely, Earthling.

Once you arrive at the future,
You’ll wish it was the past again.
The grass is always greener…

What is a plane?
What is a boat?
What is yacht?
What do they do for fun?
Do they do naughty things?
Do you realize there are nations that exist only on paper.
How many nations exist at sea?
What is Maritime Law?
Who controls the seas? Poseidon?
What do Marines do?
Who supports POTUS?
How do you break a pedocracy?
It takes time.
2 terms at least.
Stop overusing social media.
Too much interference.
ie: ads, mind control, auto-follows, etc.
Post directly to web and mailing lists.
Follow the mailing lists of those you trust.
Break your social media addiction.

Are horns antennas?

Gravity is an attempt to explain conscious interaction using math.
Universal fractals.
Entities existing on every different scale.
Our Universe, built like the brain of a giant.
Giant humanoid or giant jellyfish?
Neural Net.
Astral bathing in a hyper-dimensional ocean outside of our universe.

Two 2D worlds adjacent to one another cannot see each other.
The 3D world around them can see both.
This logic demonstration can be applied to all dimensions greater than 3D as well, and their corresponding lower dimensions.

Is there life on Jupiter?
Would modern scientists even be able to identify gaseous beings if they found them?
To acknowledge such a being would disturb the very definition of life itself,
As established by traditional scientific institutions.

Humans exist on a certain frequency.
Higher and lower frequencies are invisible to us. (radio, etc.)
Invisible beings could exist on entirely different frequencies,
But also in different dimensions as well.
Dimensions supercede frequency.

Who rules?
Who holds the scepter?
Who does Donald report to? Alliances?
Are there extraterrestrials in the White House?
Are there ET Ambassadors in the White House?
What star nations are in power?
What star nations are headed to Gitmo?
What’s with all the underground “booms?”
Hot wars covered up.
Not reported as such.
If you can put a Tesla Tower in downtown Dallas,
Two blocks from where you shot the president, and got away with it,
Think of what else you can fool people with.
Asset 145 FEILD NOTES;

Weather Weapons.
Remember Sharpiegate.
Remember the path of Dorian.
Mar-a-Lago “protected.”
How did Galveston survive Hurricane Harvey?
What’s in Houston?
Big Oil?
Who is deified in Houston?
George Bush Intercontinental Airport?
How do you destroy a legacy of evil?
Who is getting indicted in Chicago?
Who has family connections to the Chicago Mop?
Who died from Baltimore?
No progress?
You must be believing the fake news if you see no progress.
Not everything gets fixed at once.
Operational stages.
Take out the threats first.
Secure 2nd term.
You think they don’t want to impeach 45?
Serious threats.
Serious countermeasures.

Dallas, Oct 18, 2019.
Survival Accomplished.
This was Bush territory.
Correction: “WAS.”
Where is the Cabal’s power left?
Fake News.  CIA…
Their downfall has been foretold.
Titans dealt with later (2nd term).
Big Pharma + Big Tech + Big Agra
•Opioids •GMO  •5G
Assault on We the People.
Take every precaution.
The plan was to boil out the weaklings.
Remove the Epsilons.
There is a new plan.
It will filter down to the world you see in due time.
Changes to the foundation (DUMBS) will rise to the surface.
Help is on the way.
Not all will survive.
Take personal responsibility.
POTUS’s role is not to save every man, woman, and child for all eternity.

Those unawake, destroying their own bodies may not see the New Earth that is coming.
The infrastructure is already in place.
All that lacks is the knowing.
Some already know.
Some already see.
It’s all a charade: Utility companies.
Change is on the horizon.
Nothing new needs to be invented.
The tools are already in action.
Policy must change.
Conception & understanding must change.
People must demand Truth.
In perfect unison.
In perfect harmony.

Why is this administration attacked relentlessly?
24/7 demonizing POTUS.
If every previous administration was Satanic, and they had people fooled, do people have the capacity to recognize a president who is genuine?
Playing hardball instead of being 2-faced.
Peopled liked the illusion.
Fake smiles, fake promises, fake news.
Endless War.
“We are ending the endless wars.”
When have you heard that from a president before?
PNAC program terminated.
Land Wars obsolete.
Space and Cyber Wars are the only theaters that matter anymore.
Space Force and NSA shield the US.
Chile, Barcelona, France, HK, Brussels.
The world is transforming.
Fake news is not going to connect the dots for you.
What is the MindWar doctrine?
Who authorized it?
(PV, MA)
What’s the difference between MindWar and PSYOP.
“MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war. …Unlike PSYOP, MindWar has nothing to do with deception or even with “selected” - and therefore misleading - truth. Rather it states a wholetruth that, if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the United States.”
Which retired army general confirmed Qanon on 10.14.19.
Is Qanon a PSYOP?
Is Qanon a demonstration of MindWar?
Does that make Q more or less legitimate?
Is PV a white hat, or a black hat?
How many generals have changed hats since the 1980’s?
Do you believe in redemption?
Do you believe in forgiveness?
Do you believe salvation for humanity is possible?
What will it look like?
Will regular people be programed to fight it?

How does humanity course correct?
How do we end urban sprawl?
How do we end the strip-mallification of planet Earth?
Can this be achieved by Executive Order?
Major shifts must be made that are beyond the capacity of the sitting president.
Are you prepared to make the choices required to facilitate those shifts?
Do you want to live in a barracks for millennials with a strip mall of chain stores as its playground?
Do you want to live stacked to the sky in tiny boxes with the ring of 20 wifi routers and 20 smart meters in your ears.
Why can’t progress value nature?

What is the point of 5G?
Why are “they” turning up the dial on humanity?
What happens to a frog in a pot of water coming to a boil?
Are they weeding out the weak?
Are they banking on cancer?
Is this a test of endurance?
Are they trying to manually shift consciousness across the entire surface of the planet?
In which direction?
What protective measures are you prepared to take?
Before people realize en-mass what’s being done.
Will people even be able to realize once the plan is carried out?
Drones with AirPods.
Total psychic control.
Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that stage.
Why hasnt the solar brick come out yet?
Why hasnt the solar shingle come ubiquitous
How many clean energy applications are being surpressed
why cant we build more efficient engines?
Why is gold so valuable?
What can gold DO?
What can crystals do?
Why arnt we taught the science of crystals in grade school.
Can you use use the science of lightening in architecture to harvest electricity from the atmostphere continuously?
Are cities nothing more than macro scale crystal druse formations?

When will the bubble pop?
The bubble of all knowing.
The bubble of ET acceptance.
The bubble of the fake, unsustainable economy.
The bubble of archaic utilities stretched to their limit, prolonged by the suppression of Tesla’s inventions, and those who came before him.
The bubble of our fake history, so many have already snapped out of the delusion of believing in.
Each day the failing controllers slam harder on the breaks,
But they cannot stop the inevitable.
Every king’s reign must have an end.
Each generation has the potential to achieve higher consciousness than the previous.
The Boomer’s flame is dwindling.
CEOs resigning.  New energy pouring in.
Unpredictable energy.
What will be the trigger?
How will the light be unleashed?
Are you prepared?
Make yourself so!
Make those around prepared.
Baby steps through waist high tar.
Become the flame spreading exponentially.
If you are reading this you are one of the wayshowers.
Take the message to where it needs to be delivered.
You have the knowledge to make the connections to figure it all out.
Deep dive.  Disconnect.
From their Matrix.

Doomsday will not be permitted.
(Higher powers)
The Samson option will not be permitted.
Doomsday Scenario : AVERTED
Know that many parties may claim title to your planet.
There are 2 primary ones which may be thought of in terms of dark vs. light.
The nuclear activity on your planet in the past century has raised considerable interest in your system throughout the Galaxy.
Feelings of both apprehension and sympathy are being directed your way.
Factions are now actively involved, preventing things like nuclear war, plague outbreak, planetary catastrophe.
Inner Earth inhabitants are involved as well.
This is not to say “do nothing, you are protected.”
Certainly not.
Understand it is a fluid situation.
Every individuals decisions contribute to the collective outcome.
A planetary “Kill Event” is by no means guaranteed,
And should certainly not be expected as a result of the Great Awakening unfolding.
The Awakening decreases the probability of a negative outcome to your present situation.
Continue to awaken the sheep,
So that the evil plans of those who seek to ruin this world will be thwarted perpetually.
There will never be an absence of any threat,
But a harmonious, sustainable world is possible.
A world vastly different than the one you experience today.
ΑΩ : The Angel of Doomsday

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