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Full Version: Γ  O R I T - B   C O D E X the fall of the Cabal
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Who is a pirate?
Who is a space pirate?
Do space pirates fear the Galactic Federation?
What is the Galactic Codex?
What happens every 25,000 years?
How do you hit a moving target?
How do you counter an archon invasion?
What happens when a pre-contact society sees an airplane or discovers a modern object?
Cargo cult.
Oceans above.
Oceans below.
Different densities.

Where do pirates bury their booty?
When will Trump dole out the goodies?
What would happen if everyone stopped what they were doing and made it their top priority to build magnetic engines?
What do we really need to survive?
What do the slave masters need to keep humanity shackled?
How do you generate Manna?
Who were the people that never needed anything?
What was their secret?

What is the difference between a pirate ship and an RV?
What if people started living in RVs running on renewable energy?
What if RVs could fly?
No more slave colony.
They don’t want you exploring beyond the roads they’ve built.
Road Rules.
Who is the troll that guards the bridge?
He who made it.
Who builds toll booths on speedways?
Who died and made him Emperor?
When will people realize the Emperor is naked?

It’s all a grand Ponzi scheme.
Highway robbery by the same pirates who draw the same skull and crossbones on their sails as on their Yale fraternities.
Criminals run amok.
Law & order for the slaves.
Ferraris and private islands for the depraved.
What has the world come to?
Get off your knees.
Is making war afar part of the task in keeping the peace?
Who is Commander in Weapon Sales.
If you sell a weapon that is used in an unjust war, is there blood on your hands?
If you buy a knife from Amazon, and kill your wife with it, is Amazon responsible?
Are people justified in blaming the American president for all the woes in the entire world?
Is a “Holy Land” embroiled in endless war really so holy?
Where is the unholy land?

Civilizations are built atop older civilizations.
They often follow the same patterns of roads and key structures, which in turn follow the magnetic ley lines, and subterranean water systems.
Do you have any idea how old the deepest megaliths of Temple Mount really are?
Human infrastructure is an extension of Earth’s biome.
Electric forests.
Ants marching forth from hives.
Warring with one another over the preference of one God.

Who was Caliph Umar?
Who was Saladin?
Who was Osama Bin Laden?
Aren’t all aristocrats cousins to one degree or another?
Can’t two nobles in need of thinning their herds work out an arrangement?
“You kill the people we want to get rid of, we’ll kill yours.”
Nobles on both sides win, unless they lose their heads.
There comes a certain point when a soldier realizes he’s been played.
Rhetoric sounds less enchanting when there’s a sword through your stomach.

What are we fighting for?
Why Jerusalem?
How many millennia must we fight?
Romans verses Jews.
Christians versus Saracens.
Israelis versus Palestinians.
Do you think choosing a side is going to end it?
Who is the Wizard behind the curtain in Oz?
Who is the stage director?
Who ordered the Crusades?
Who is the spider at the center of the web?
All roads lead to Rome.

1.20.17.  DJT’s Inauguration.
JFK’s “To the Moon” speech.
State of the Union addresses.
When the American president takes to the podium to deliver a speech, the possibility exists for him to walk away from the stage having changed the world.
This role has historically been the mouthpiece of the NWO.
They foolishly, and arrogantly reveal their plans for those with ears to hear.
“Out of these troubled times, a New World Order can emerge.”
When DJT takes to the podium, there is no telling what the outcome will be.
A match tossed into a box of fireworks, left to its own devices.
Bold promises were made in Trump’s inaugural address;
“We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.”
For those who are paying attention, the anticipation for these promises to be delivered upon is palpable.
On 7.4.2019, POTUS’s “Salute to America” seemed to be a fertile ground for some of these promises to sprout forth from.
A speech reminiscing American ingenuity, technological breakthroughs, and the fruits of war, of which common people might eventually reap the benefits from.
For those who were aware of the potential for this address to deliver a truly bombshell revelation, this was the ultimate nail-biter.
America teetered on the threshold of the future, bracing itself to witness the falling of a veil that has kept us locked in a Dark Age.
[Fossile Fuels]
The trajectory of the speech had the potential to kick off a new industrial revolution, an advancement for humanity, the likes of which had not been witnessed since the invention of the airplane.
We would not say that the presentation failed to deliver.
While it didn’t deliver the great revelations we may have been hoping for, what did it do?
Setting the Stage.
We were shown a door, in exquisite detail.
Not just a door, a portal.
A portal to the future of our civilization.
One that after we step through it, there will be no going back.
Many people are not yet ready.
They may be ready to drive a flying car, but they are not ready to understand where the technology came from.
Humanity as a whole may not yet possess the peace of mind to not repurpose advanced energies for evil.
What we did witness was a B-2 stealth bomber flying over the Lincoln Memorial.
This craft may not rely on entirely conventional systems of levitation and propulsion, so in that sense, we may have witnessed something extraordinary.
Most people just did not have the capacity to process it.
When will the new technology be explained to people in layman’s terms?
A lot of people have a lot of catching up to do.
We are here to help.
Many people do not believe that levitation, or new energy sources are even possible.
Many people would have their minds shattered if they were shown something that did not conform to their expectations.
Many people would proverbially shout, “Witchcraft!” if they saw something they couldn’t reconcile.
On July 4th, we stood on the edge of a cliff looking down not on certain death, but on a dangerous arial squirrel-suit course leading to broken world records, and ultimately the New Earth.
The main takeaway was this: Space Force will eventually have to reveal its hardware to the public.
The hype is tangible.
We have been led to expect something radically new.
Something revolutionary.
The primary constraint will be how to flaunt our achievements, without revealing classified technology to our enemies.
We stand at the cusp of new paradigms in warfare, energy, and consumer technology.
In reality, these technologies already exist, but to bring them into the light of day is like walking through a field of landmines.
If certain technologies were to fall into the wrong hands, the result could be devastating.
One could argue that they’ve already been in the wrong hands for some time, but at least we’re still here, aren’t we?
Patience is a virtue.
Hold the knowing that better technologies are possible.
Investigate them yourself if you possess the technical capacity.
Spread the word that new great things are on the horizon.
Trust the Plan.
What do you find at the bottom of the rabbit hole?
Is there a bottom?
Have you left breadcrumbs behind to find your way back out?
Or are you truly lost with no hope of escape.

Is all history fiction?
Is the concept of a fact but an illusion?
What if all is Evil.
What if there is no escaping Hell.
What if the only way to get closer to freedom is to make a deal with the Devil, to become a cog in the system.
What if the only way over the walls containing Hell is to step on the skulls of the meek and the fallen, whose remains form a grotesque staircase to salvation.

Why is fiction more popular than truth?
Will we ever live in a society where wolves do not prey on sheep?
Are the people on top despicably corrupt because the average man contains the seeds of corruption, which sprout when watered with wealth and success.
Why is the truth not only unpopular, but viciously attacked by all who remain entranced by the delusion of conformity.
Why are we fighting for you?
Why was Jesus nailed to a cross?
Why is the religion created for him at the direct center of all this Darkness?

Is everyone a self absorbed ego maniac?
If you devote yourself to others, do you simply get used and abused?
Do the weak get conquered?
How do we turn it around?
Can we turn it around?
Can we model society after the idyllic vision of a happy family, instead of one practicing Satanic Ritual Abuse.
Can we not be in cults?
Can we not trade one cult for another when we try to get out?
Is peace of mind only found in reclusion from this world?

Every man wants to live like a King.
Do you realize that every King has to worry constantly about defending his kingdom, and being stabbed in the back by those who would dethroned him.
Is there a happy end to this story?
Is there ever an end to any story?
Is there a happy end to Revelations?
Is everything not written in the Bible the work of Gadreel?
Does the Bible not lead to crusades & inquisition?
How do you teach people who want to learn but refuse to read, or put in the effort?
Can you teach enlightenment to maggots?
Can you teach enlightenment to drooling hominids?
When do you judge that the brain damage is too severe to salvage?
When do you cut off life support?
Can the suffocating grasp of the CIA Jesuit Leviathan ever be broken?
Did we open Pandora’s Box?

For those who believe Trump to be evil, what’s the backup plan?
Whose army is going to save you?
The only way forward is through confidence that good can persevere.
All other paths lead to despair.
Back to sleep. Back to…

Is every mason a Freemason?
Is every brick in the Yellow Brick Road yellow?
Do you think you can build a casino or a resort without being a part of their club?
Who are you going to buy your bricks from?
Who is going to lay your bricks for you?
Is every Mason a Templar?
Does every Templar build castles?
Does every Templar build trebuchets?
Does every Templar dream of retaking Jerusalem?
Do Templars from Scotland get along with Templars from London?
Why did the Pope attack Masons in the Order of Malta prior to Trump’s inauguration?
Does an apple fall far from a tree?
Do all Masons believe in a Supreme Being?
Is that Being universally Baal?
Must every Mason endure SRA?
Is every lodge infiltrated?
Could any lodges be considered “renegade?”
Must we not generalize?
Is any man entirely good or entirely evil?
Can’t any man make both good or bad decisions?
Hold faith that Good may persevere.
Hold that expectation, and raise Hell if it does not come to fruition.
How many hands does it take to keep Hell on Earth running smoothly?
Dost thou protest?
Enjoy the show.

What are the technologies of tomorrow?
Is it possible to pull energy out of thin air?
Where does lightening come from?
How do you get gizmos to light up without paying Pharaoh?
How do you get a wheel to roll uphill without paying Rockefeller?
Why was the gold removed from the capstone of the Washington Monument?
What is the charge of the sky? ( - )
What is the charge of the earth? ( + )
Are we sitting on top of a giant battery?
How do we plug in?

In 2019, you can charge an iPhone wirelessly on a charging pad.
How far could this technology be scaled up?
How many other applications could there be?
What if roads were charging pads for cars.
Why is wireless electricity so hard to figure out?
Did Tesla figure it out?
His journals told tales of complete machines being downloaded into his mind.
Did he have help from beyond mortal perception?
Why won’t “they” help just anyone?
What made Tesla so special?

Is it time to put our focus on Atlantean technology instead of Facebook and Instagram?
What are the ancient earthworks of the Ohio Valley really about?
Why do they mimic sites like the Giza Plateau?
Where did the structures go?
Why do only the terraformed platforms and energy signatures remain?
How to call lightening at will.
How to use that energy constructively.
How to make land fertile.
How to generate manna.
How to live in infinite abundance.
Is a Wardenclyffe tower much like a pyramid?
Is there not some way to throw granite, crystals, gold, lightening, pyramids, and circles into a hat, and then pull out free energy.
Why not throw in some geomancy and ritual for a little extra pizzazz.
7.15 {cybertransmission}
Who is right?
Who is wrong?
Can we agree on black verses white?
Why can’t we agree on right verses wrong?
Has our language failed to define these concepts in terms that all can agree upon.
Everyone believes different things.
Everyone believes that their beliefs are the correct ones.
Why do people become so hostile when confronted with ideas that contradict their beliefs?

Is truth verses lies like black verses white, or is it more like a spectrum?
Is there a fundamental difference between speakers of truth and charlatans, or is that determination a subjective one?
When you get into the debate of, “My imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend,” it can go on forever.
This is essentially the premise of all religious conflict.

Can people become devoted to ideas that are not necessarily considered religion?
Devotion to science, devotion to metaphysics, devotion to love & light.
What qualifies as a cult?
How hard is it to recognize a cult when you are inside of one.

A wise man once said,
“Believe Nothing.”
Why commit yourself to any parcel of knowledge when  new information can always come your way.
Do you have the self-awareness required to abandon your deepest beliefs if new evidence proves them to be fallacious, or simply outdated.

7.21 (Maine)
We, who are righteous, are being called to serve...
They, who are depraved, are being driven into hiding.

7.21 (Maine)
When luxury dies, culture dies with it, and humanity follows shortly on its heels.

Does the grape fall far from the vine?
Are some grapes plump, and other grapes rotten?
How many times do you turn the other cheek?
Do you help someone who is attacking you?
Do you walk into flames to try to save someone in Hell?
Or do you withdraw, and let them

How do you wake & bake a continental coastline of NPCs?
[New England]
Is there any use in trying?
You can bring a horse to water…
When fluoride is in the water, the 5G is thicker than fog, the hair is dyed green, the AirPods are in, the iWatch is on, Maddow’s on, CNN’s on, the HRC sticker’s still on…
Where do you begin?
Epstein? CFR? Autism?
When the matrix is so heavily entrenched in one’s mind,
When there is virtually no crack in the coding to wedge in a folded note of truth, or slip in a finger to find a grip hold,
Do you give in to the apathy?
Do you abdicate to the hypnotism?
Do Q anons realize the vastness of the problem?
The sheer number of Agent Smiths.
How to explode them all at once?
“Nuke the site from orbit.
Only way to be sure.”
Let them eat cake.
Let them drink Kool-Aid.
Jonestown style.
Free will universe.
March to their own demise.
Sad but True.
States of Blue.
Red may be no better.
What color is independent thought?
What color is a question?
What color is Q?
Do you allow the desperate tantrums of the Cabal in its death throws to steal your attention?
Do you allow their degenerate fantasies to affect your conscious awareness?
Or do you let the “news” glide past you, like two ships passing in the night.
Is any “event” carried out by the Cabal not primarily intended to harvest loosh?
Is any act of “terrorism” primarily an act of violence, or primarily an orchestra of digital propaganda?
How many are affected by the violence?
How many are affected by the propaganda?
In a well run Orwellian society, acts of insubordination are buried, not broadcast.
We who know the game at this stage must not be distracted by the Cabal’s attempts to project their sick fantasies into our reality.
The gorilla in the corner of the room is only a hologram.
The debate over whether or not any event is real or “false flag”, “false flag” or staged hoax, staged hoax or total fabrication slipped into the talking points disseminated to the global media beast… is a tired one.
Have you noticed the targets becoming less and less impressive?
The less visibility to the general public, the easier it is to control a narrative.
Think soundstage.
There is a good reason why Hollywood is the favorite weapon in the Cabal’s arsenal.
It is the fusion of illusion, deception, and manipulation that makes a potent cocktail to force feed the masses.
Refuse the silver spoon with the ominous black fluid.
Maintain your focus on that which you know to be important.
The deeper questions.
The breakthrough solutions.
A better way to run the world.
Let that be your focus.
Do not offer your sacred loosh up to the archons.
Do not waste your time debunking what is likely no more than a low budget horror production.
Let Gannett die in peace.
And you will be more “at peace” as well, at the end of the day.

Is this world any kind of a place for a child?
The world of childhood has a dense air of artificiality to it.
Without independence, the world is an entirely manmade construct.
Think ball pit.
Think daycare.
Is the first prison we know not called a “crib”?
What a foreshadowing that is.
Do we fear death because in our higher selves we fear reincarnation, and the pain of being a child again?
12 years of boot camp.
Tears and trauma over minute disappointments.
Our favorite toys being taken away from us.
Let our words not be misinterpreted as they have been in the past.
If we ask if marriage is a dark ritual, it is not to say that it is, or that it always is.
If we ask if childbirth is inherent to every civilization, terran or extraterrestrial, it is not to say childbirth is bad.
Are there other means of survival? Yes.
Brave New World, chapter 1.
Does this sound like a pleasant, idyllic scenario?
Not to most, but only not to most of this world and mindset.
If you live to 100, we generally see it as important to reproduce to fill the void you’ll leave behind when you pass.
What if you live to 300?
Reproduction, as an event over the course of your life, assumes 1/3 of the importance it did before.
What if you live to 1000?
What if you live to 25,000?
How important is it to breed in a society of octo-centenarian?
Humans are stubbornly accustomed to the pattern of the life cycle known to them here on planet Earth.
You must be prepared to encounter intelligent beings who have evolved beyond the cycles you are familiar with.
Live forever, or breed and live short-term,
Lest you spawn without natural limitations and thereby fall into the classification of an environmental plague.

Does rearing a child shift one’s focus from the pursuit of higher knowledge, to reintroducing the basics to a newcomer?
Are you so confident that you think you know what the “basics” even are?
Are the basics really just what you think they should be?
Have you ever wondered if you might be wrong on the fundamental basics of what to teach a child?
Are we still going by the 10 Commandments?
What about diet?
How healthy are vegan babies?
How healthy are Poptarts and Lucky Charms?
How healthy are vaccines?
Do vaccines cause autism?
To have a child in 2019 is to walk blindfolded into a field of landmines.
We commend those who have the courage.
And pray they have the wisdom to impart useful programming onto the young adepts.
Sadly, in many cases, this hope shall go unrequited.
Sadly, in many cases, the lesson of the parent will be more like a complete disaster.
Perhaps the roles are reversed.
Perhaps the child is the lesson to the parent.
At what age does the starseed take responsibility for its own destiny?
Birth is not an unnatural ritual like marriage.
Far from it.
But it is a distinct behavioral pattern of a species before a certain threshold in its evolutionary progression.
Do Ascended Masters breed?
Did Jesus bear offspring?
Certainly, it depends on who you ask.
How well is the philosophy of Capitalism working out for the world?
Do you enjoy paying bottom dollar for plastic garbage made by slaves overseas?
Do you enjoy planned obsolescence?
Having to replace poorly designed goods,
Creating mountains of waste in the aftermath.
Do you enjoy watching the Earth be raped so that we can live surrounded by landfills?
The problems are too many to enumerate.
The system is insane from any viewpoint that takes the future into consideration.
Why is it considered un-American to question the Capitalist model, when this model is clearly failing, and leading humanity to its doom?
Can you imagine a world without a class system?
Abundance for all.
Why is anyone who questions the insanity labeled a Socialist or a Communist?
Are these 3 models the only 3 possibilities that exist in the galaxy?
Can we try thinking outside the box, and coming up with some new models without all the attached stigma?
Has there ever been a Communist regime that wasn’t abjectly corrupt from the get go,
Steered by Western shadow organizations assigned to reap mayhem?
Think commune, not Communist.
How do the Amish subsist?
Venus Project.
Let each man do what he is best at, and not be inhibited by a system of ass-kissing and servitude.
Why did the Old World Order work better than the New World Order?
When did we steer off course?
When did we go from dressing finely, and making things ornately, to making things as cheaply as possible, wearing drabs to go to Walmart.
Was the Great Depression the beginning of the endtimes?
Are we still depressed as a society?
Who is holding us back?
The Patent Office?
The Robber Barons?
The 1%?
Why does it now seem more appealing to return to the rural outlands, than to toil in the 5G haze of Pharaoh’s concrete prison?
The simple life becomes more appealing by the day for many.
What’s next?
When can we admit the system is broken?
Have we too much pride to go about fixing it?
“There’s more to you than money.”

Is the world we’ve created any way to run a planet?
Can anyone look at this world and say,
“I love what you’ve done with the place.”
Is a world unsuited for children even run by adults?
Has our world been designed by a master architect, or is it the outcome of primal urges unfurled?
Natural selection. Survival of the fittest.
Domination by the most psychopathic.
How do we as a united consciousness take a step back?
How do we as a united consciousness astral project off-planet and look back at what we’ve created as a whole?
What does a horror show look like from space?
What lies at the core of the dilemma?
Lack of self-respect?
A world premised on competition instead of cooperation.
Our present modus operandi has led to the degradation of human culture, and the greatest mass extinction of Gaia’s treasures ever witnessed.

We are quick to blame our woes on the leadership.
The more enlightened among us can see the “Hidden Hand” conducting this deranged orchestra.
Much of the culpability does lie within government, within the Vatican, within Hollywood.
[Reptilian Agenda]
But how many ordinary civilians are willing participants in this grotesque charade?
How many Kool-Aid drinkers does it take to inaugurate a brutal dictator?
Happy, ordinary folks… building bombs for Raytheon.
Pushing 5G devices at Verizon…
Taking broker’s fees…
Facilitating usurious loans…
What is your contribution to the world?
Are your efforts healing the world, or keeping it sick?
Is it time to stop seeing Sheeple as merely “asleep,” and start seeing them as a central part of the problem?
Sheeple = Infantry
[NWO Infantry]
Ready for the good news?
Unlike the shadow organizations operating with impunity behind the scenes, Sheeple are fully exposed to intellectual siege.
Take responsibility for your contribution to the planet.
Take responsibility for the vibration you bring with you when you walk into a room.
Are you bringing negativity?
Are you crying over spilt milk?
Are you the pearls? Or are you the swine.
Are you succumbing to road rage?
These emotions will not improve anyone’s situation.
Be the demonstration of the world as you see it should be.
Harmony, Gracefulness, Graciousness.
Those who can see the better path forwards must be the eyes for those who remain asleep.
We can no longer keep running away from the problems our world faces.
There will be no farmland rural enough to escape the stratospheric 5G carpet bombing that is currently in works.
We must be forceful, and push the world in a better direction.
We must put the unpopular truth “out there” where it does not want to be heard.
We cannot “love & light” our way out of this one.

How often has this Codex enraged its audience?
It is never our intent to incite rage, but if that is the result of delivering the message that needs to be delivered…
So be it.
Have not fear in the face of evil.
Bow down not to the whim of Sheeple.
They need voices like ours, for their whole lives, all they have heard is the bullhorn of the Beast.
[Ellen] [Disney] [Maddow]
Those with the message of submission to Pharaoh certainly have no qualms about making themselves heard.
Let’s introduce a counterpoint.
Be the change.
Be in the moment.
Be a Shaman.
The “Somebody better fix this!” mentality is the road to Hell.
Be that “somebody.”

Some will survive,
And some will go insane.
Beware of getting lost at the bottom of the rabbit hole.
When you lose site of anything you can hold onto as a foundation of “known” truth, things can get scary, and a bit overwhelming.


What is SETI?
When was it started?
How long has it been going?
What have they found?
Is it still being funded?
How much?
If a project is not delivering results, does it keep getting funded?
Can liberal cities afford to fix their roads?
Who is funding SETI?
Do you believe them when they tell the public they’ve discovered nothing to indicate intelligent life in all these years?
Think critically
Why do they keep building larger telescopes?
Are people ready to learn what’s out actually there?
Or would they prefer to just continue believing...
[Aliens = Demons]

Everyone wants the truth.
Everyone wants the facts.
Everyone wants the answers.
What if there are none?
How much does a King know?
Is there any man whose superiors do not withhold information from him?
It is apparent that the world view agreed up on by the media and our institutions is a deliberate lie.
Many choose willfully to accept that delusion as their reality.
Many choose willfully to accept the delusion of religion as their reality,
As all that is, and needs of knowing.
To be “woke” is to realize we are all lost at sea, in the infinite void,
Searching for land, anything stable, to rest our sea-weary souls upon.
The only logical resolution in the search for truth is to live in a delusion of your own creation.
Be satisfied with facts to the best of your knowledge,
Your personal eyewitness account,
Knowing you may be wrong,
Living to learn more, and prove yourself thus.
Know that you are wrong, and manage to not let it drive you insane.
Know there are beings of higher intelligence,
Who will teach you if you show them respect,
And gain their favor.

Who knows the most?
If you could assimilate every book in the Vatican’s archive, would you know more than any man?
Do you think anyone living in Vatican City has accomplished this task?
At most, any one man could only read a fraction.
Those in the know could compare notes with one another,
Pass along rumors, and pertinent fragments of information.
No one today can claim to know what knowledge may have been lost when Alexandria burned.
Who holds the ultimate guide for dummies on human existence?
When a newly inaugurated president is first briefed on the “true” state of the country, are they to trust blindly the intel they receive?
Is the director of the CIA privy to every facet of every black project?
Is there a consensus on reality among those “in the know,” or is the data inconclusive even then, and open to multiple interpretations.
Is there an immortal master record keeper hidden somewhere, deep in a cavern, shielded from the public sphere.
Will the birth of Ai answer our deepest questions.
Will artificial quantum intelligence be capable of processing the volume of data required to understand our reality.
Will it be possible for a machine who understands it all to explain the truth to humans in layman’s terms.

When any event takes over the news cycle for a day, is there a point in trying to decode it?
“What’s your take on ___x___?”
All anyone really knows is that the media’s narrative is most likely a farce.
We are fed a “live action role play,” that seldom holds up to scrutiny,
Nevermind the data and evidence conspicuously withheld.
Does it help the cause of the truth-seeker to hyper-analyze pure propaganda.
Comparing photographic details, drawing red circles and lines, applying contrast filters to what is in essence,
[Mass Media Manure]
Is it the media’s intent to fertilize conspiracy theorists?
Keep them distracted.
Control the narrative of their research.
Who would claim to have boiled out the truth from a stew of lies and misinformation?
Can you build an encyclopedia out of the toys in a toddler’s crib?
Critical thinking does not require one to jump to a conclusion when there is empirically no possible way to deduce deducea definitiveive answer.
These are peculiar times indeed, when the President himself endorses conspiracy theories on the same day as the event in question.
Perhaps the highest demonstration of maturity in truth-seeking, is the acceptance of uncertainty.
Refraining from hearsay.
Refraining from spawning click-bait memes.
Substitutes for actually knowing anything.
The equivalent to truth, as sugar is to:

Can you hear the rolling thunder in the distance?
But feel no rain.
Who is holding back the Great Awakening?
Must the “Boomer” generation expire before we reap the fruits of tomorrow?
Is it crass to lust for their passing?
Is it not the simple lust for freedom from servitude we ultimately desire?
Freedom from the system of destruction they’ve spent their entire lives supporting, and building.
1950’s mindset;
“Nukes saved us.”
Seeds of propaganda planted.
Grown into old Oaks unable to move.
Tupperware parties.
When plastic was new.
“Grease” in living color.
Nuclear ovens.
Old habits die hard.
There are some who will wail and claw the earth with their fingernails before being dragged into the future.
There are many waiting for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC to tell them, “It’s Ok.”
They shouldn’t hold their breath.
Not everyone is a Starseed.
Some really do support the deification of the .1% and the impoverishment of the masses.
Some will never change.
We are all dying.
Some faster than others.
Who will remain to see the brighter days ahead?
Those who can manifest them,
And navigate the invisible pitfalls along the way.
You can offer them fruit from the Tree of Life, but they’ll reach for CocaCola every time instead.
We hate to generalize.
Of course there are exceptions.
But there exists a pervasive generational problem, that may only be resolved through separation.
Born into a world grateful just to be alive.
Unconcerned with the consequences of peace time revelries.
They were the offspring of an even more heavily indoctrinated generation.
The World War Vets.
How many toxic traditions have they upheld.
Gloat not however,
For generation Airpod® is not without flaw either.
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