Happy Cinco De Mayo
Zis' how we do in Tejas.

I can imagine bars around the Alamo in san Antone are just lit tonight 

[Image: Tequila-shots-5ccc5ee634c6c.png]

que todos tengan una noche divertida
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Same thing happens when you invite your black friends for a Cinco de Mayo BBQ

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(05-05-2021, 12:02 PM)MysticPizza Wrote: I used to celebrate it until I started dating a Mexican man who said it really isn't a big deal there. Maybe it was just in his part of Mexico but after he told me that,I felt stupid so no celebrating here.
It's Wednesday
[Image: JKSTT92.jpg]
It's like this country; the freedom has packed up and left.
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“Why don’t you start speaking in words instead of your DAMN DIRTY LIES!” – Louise Belcher
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Failing to plan...is planning to fail
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(05-06-2021, 02:19 AM)Pure Rock Fury Wrote:

Reminded Me of Mil Máscaras . [Image: hc1DKRB.jpg].

[Image: 3FTRPrR.png][Image: on1tkoS.png]
Celebrating Over 30 Years as a " Designated Paper Terrorist "
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