Aliens all things about nonhumans !
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(12-22-2022, 10:14 AM)Wing-ed Wrote: So I take it you changed your mind on star link ! Drones that is an interesting possibility ? Hate to see them fake out a FBI investigator !! Chuckle
I'm sorry and I highly support anyone believing what they wish as long as it's of moral standing. I just don't believe in the traditional alien/UFO venue.
How the heck could they survive the radiation of outer space or travel the distances at high velocity without hitting space dust and it ripping through their hull. A Bug or small rock hitting your windshield at 60mph? How about hit a particle in space at or 20,000 to 256,000mph per sec/sec. No way a vessel would survive. An entity would also have the have what we call  GOD Tech. Let's say close to the speed of light (which is slow in comparing distance) they would have to have tech capable of detecting space dust or small particles and make decisions to stop the craft or evade. They never talk about all the dust and rocks just floating around up there. Heck, the J. Webb Tele is already damaged because it is outside our outer orbit. How the Voyagers are still operating is a major mystery.

None of it adds up. Roswell crash was staged or an tech experiment gone wrong in my belief. I think most of the events during the 50's-70's was staged to cover up our tech development. The only explanation we have come up with is dimensional. That's way out in the lunatic fringe in itself. When I was young I bit the UFO lure all the time. As I got old and around highly educated or highly intelligent people things started changing my mental acceptance of all of it.

All the time and travels on and throughout our world I/we have never seen or have spoken to someone that has seen a UFO. Now, I did post here about the under water object/entity that lit up off our starboard side exiting the Straights of Magellan. Mother nature has done some popcorn moments.

While working on the AF1 at the San Antonio hanger we (engineers) started to debate the moon missions. Please understand that Nasa, our Military and scientist are/were our hero's in our youth and through young adulthood. But, the more one learns the more one begins to question. The main question that still bothers us, how the hell did a human go around the moon, come back and live a full life? Even with protection, cosmic radiation would have penetrated and caused genetic degradation.

The Earth is not flat and there is no Ice Wall at the N/S poles. Chuckle

Anyway, How I wish we all could be apart of something bigger. I'm not alone with the idea of it all being a let down. I can't tell you how many people I have been around that thinks the ISS is in outer space. Most don't even know we have three orbits that provide protection. I remember when they sent us to Satcom school for the first time. We were all like, WTF, this is not what they taught us in school. Lmao
Thanks I like the way you opened up !! Try William Tompkins book Selected by Extratelstures !!  [/url]Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world ...

Here is a link for his interviews on Rense
Thank you. I will see if I can grab. God knows I have the time right now.
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