Threat email did talk about assassination attempt which DS could pull on Donald Trump
The threat email which was reported to Virginia State Police weeks ago, it did talk about not just killing Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. It also talked about the threat to assassinate Trump and the digital soldiers. Those dirty deep state democrat stooges. The Obamanoids. Who do they think they are???

If they kill Trump the American people will be enraged. The digital soldiers are good people, Why???

Donald Trump faces arrest, threat email Attorney Lin Wood received said Trump would be assassinated as well as Brian D. Hill and the digital soldiers | Politics | Before It's News

The threat email Brian D. Hill’s family received weeks ago as well as Attorney L. Lin Wood said something strange. It said not only would Brian D. Hill be killed, but also said that Trump and the digital soldiers would also be killed.
At first this threat email warned that different people would all be murdered, and then Donald Trump tells the media that there is a plot to arrest Donald Trump around Tuesday. Like with Brian, the Circuit Court in Martinsville is pushing to arrest Brian at some point soon for simply telling the truth and bringing allegations against a judge based on truth, evidence, facts, and speculation based on what he can already prove.
So the threatening email didn’t just say that Brian Hill would be murdered in the City of Martinsville jail system, it also said that the digital soldiers and Trump would also be murdered. Hopefully somebody is investigating this. State Police? Secret Service? FBI? DOJ???
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The threatening email which Attorney Lin Wood’s public-attorney-email address was mentioned in that header of that threat email. It said that Brian Hill and witnesses would be murdered and also mentioned about Trump and the digital soldiers would be murdered.

The threat email seem to be threatening that something would happen to all of them. See the email for yourself.
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See the meme which is being uploaded to social media to see what is going on here.
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