Γ  O R I T - B   C O D E X the fall of the Cabal

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What began as a deep dive into higher consciousness has devolved into a political waiting game that feels a bit like a broken record.
People are hungry for truth.
The power of Q is in all of us.
We do not intend to deceive, or muddy the waters.
Our goal is to push forward into uncharted territory.
We’re not content with half truths.
Q is not a trademark.

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Are humans the apex predator on Earth?
When you see an ant in your home, do you crush it?
When you see a horse on a pasture, do you put a saddle on it?
When you find an elephant in the jungle, do you crack a whip and force it to haul stone.
When you catch a monkey, do you teach it tricks?
Who were the Anunnaki?
When did evil arrive?
“Good” to one side is “evil” to the other side.
Why does every narrative we are taught revolve around slaves being freed?
Think Exodus.  Think Civil War.
Are we really free?

Who built the pyramids?
Could they be considered a natural formation?
What is a fractal?
How does a crystal grow?
Could a crystal form on a planetary scale?
If intelligence was behind the formation of a crystal, could you still consider it natural?
What do you find beneath an ant hill?
When did evil arrive?

What happened to Atlantis?
What happened to Tartaria?
Why is history buried?
Who are the Welsh?
Who were the Druids?
Who were the Celts?
Who were the Gauls?
Who were the Merovingian Kings?
Why do we need kings?
Why do we need hierarchy?
Can we build a world without hierarchy?
Why can’t there be peace and prosperity across the whole planet?
Why couldn’t the whole world look like Beverly Hills?
What is a Golden Age?

Where did Greek culture come from?
Who arrived in Athens?
Jesus turned water into wine.
Who was Dionysus?
Why aren’t orgies routine anymore?
Why is sex everywhere in the media, yet still considered taboo?
Why is public nudity considered such an abhorrent crime?
How can you claim to be free if your body is illegal?
Are we really free?

There are two sides to every coin.
Who is 2-faced?  Who is Janus?
When did Rome turn from a Republic into an Empire.
Who invaded who?
When did Rome burn?

Is a bat nothing more than a fox with wings?
Did humans ever have angel wings?
What is a vampire?
What is a solar cult?
Why put a single horn on the head of a horse?
Why put the head of a goat on the body of a hermaphrodite?
Who was the smartest dinosaur.
Would they have been smart enough to build a bunker?

Why have international organizations served to globalize poverty?
Why have agencies assigned to protected us created diseases, and made us foot the bill?
Why impoverish a continent?
WHO killed Africa?
Why keep wisdom secret?
Why can’t we build magnificent cities anymore?
Why does everything we build now look like a prison?
Do we live on a prison planet?
Why cant there be peace and prosperity across the whole planet?
Why couldn’t the whole world look like Beverly Hills?

Who lives in Astana?
Who are their ancestors?
Who lives in Uri?
What happened in Ur?
3 religions.  3 species. Endless war. 40k
Why are all our great temples in ruins?
Why cant we build anything ornate anymore?
Who are our builders?
Masons and Templars.
Are there really limited resources?

Why shoot a rocket, when you can build a temple?
Why build a temple, when you can build a starship?
Why build a starship when you can capture a stargate?
What’s on the other side of the stargate?
Why is Temple Mount important?
Why is Solomon’s temple important?
Was Solomon’s temple really on Temple Mount?

What makes a clock tick?
Why do the Swiss make watches?
Who were the Templars?
Who were the Reisläufer?
Where is the central bank of central banks?
Who looted the Vally of the Kings?
What  happened during the 4th Crusade?
Who is the apex predator?
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Why are there Christians in Sri Lanka?
Is Christianity the native religion there?
What is a Golden Age?
What was the Dutch Golden Age?
How do you build an Empire?
What was the first transnational corporation?
How were the Jesuits involved?
Is it easier to come with an army or to come in peace?
Who do you send in first?
Find the key on the map.
Who controls the ports?
Who controls the Star Forts?

Suicides are on the rise.
High profile suicides are on the rise.
Mass shootings are on the rise.
What is a mass shooting but the suicide of a system built on fear and intimidation imploding on itself.
Why is the Schumann Resonance going berserk?
Why are so many people having suicidal thoughts?
There’s no guarantee it’s going to be any better or easier on the other side.
What if after you blow out your brains, you find yourself at the back of the line at the DSV?
[Division of Soul Vehicles]
What if you came here for a reason?
What if it’s boring in heaven?
Where do you draw the line between a simulation and a real experience?
Does eternity really exist anywhere?

What is Satan?
What is Hell?
What is the Underworld?
What is the Book of the Dead?
Who worshiped Set. [Hyksos]
Who worshipped the Sun?
Who now worships the Son of God?
What is an Oversoul?
What is the Higher Self?
How does one access their master file?
Who is Ammit?
Where does your soul go after it gets eaten?
How do you trap a soul?
Does eternity really exist anywhere?

Where did the Hyksos come from?
Who built Derinkuyu?
Can humans be nocturnal?
Do humans belong in caves?
Why are humans the only ape without body hair?
Are humans built to survive in nature?
Why splice a pig and a chimp?
Is pork the best tasting meat?
Do we have any Anunnaki in our genes?
Could human history be seen as a continuous power struggle between solar cults and vampires?
What would happen if they interbred?
What traits distinguish Nobility from peasants?

Can we trust Geologists?
Can we trust Archeologists?
What was the Smithsonian created to cover up?
What would happen to the foundation of religion if people learned that humans were NOT the apex predator on this planet?
One control system is built on top of another.
Who is obsessed with pyramids?

Why build a chariot?
Why build a trébuchet?
Why build a television?
Does the side with the best technology always win the battle?
Ask Nazi Germany.
Who really won WW2?
Is it possible for a political party win a war while its country, and its people lose?
Why build churches to indoctrinate people when you can trick them into buying TV’s to indoctrinate themselves at home?
Who controls the programing?

What is Gnosticism?
Who is Yaldabaoth?
Who has the higher kill count between Yahweh [God] and Satan [The Devil]?
Why does the Devil look exactly like Pan?
What was Pan the god of?
Why has the Catholic Church suppressed sexuality?
Think chastity belt.
Who were the Cathars?
Who followed the teachings of Jesus best between the Gnostics, the Cathars, and the Catholics?
Who is the best exterminator in town?
When was it determined who Jesus’s father was?
Who made that determination?
Who was Apollonius of Tyana?
Why is history buried?
What happens when you structure society around fear instead of love?

What traits denote service to self verses service to others?
Who kills the first born son of anyone who doesn’t worship him?
Who dwells in a tent painted in fresh blood, and enjoys the aroma of burning flesh?
What is the Shekhinah?
What is an Archon?
Is a virus alive?
Is a virus Ai?
What is a mind virus?
What is Wetiko?
Define Stockholm Syndrome.
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(images: templar flag, swiss flag, international red cross, Saint George's Cross)
Can you read symbols when they are obvious?
Do they think we’re colorblind?
(images: black & white templar flag, masonic checkerboard, ying yang)
When did the duality fixation begin?
Does “light & dark” = “good & bad”?
Can darkness be good?
Can light be bad?
Who is the Light bearer? [Lucifer]
Who is the Prince of Darkness? [Satan]
How do you protect the innocent without channeling dark energy?
Good to one side is evil to the other.

Is Nature good or evil?
Are the old-growth Redwoods good?
Is the Black Forest evil?
What is an invasive species?
Is the rainforest dangerous?
Are there cannibals in the rainforest?
Are they evil?
How do you protect the innocent without allowing the spirit of violence to consume you.
Can we defend America without a defense industry running our government for it’s own private gain?
Define altruism.  Define sacrifice.
Define suicide mission.
How do you reconcile altruism and survival instinct?
How can you take care of others if you neglect to care for yourself?
“Speak gently and carry a big stick.”
When is intervention necessary?

Define Duality. Define Balance.
Do Masons practice what they preach?
What does hypocrisy look like?
Is it “balance” to horde wealth and wisdom within the 1% while running the planet into its grave?
What is a death cult?
[Catacombs, skull & bones, incorruptible saints, necromancy]
What is a sex cult?
[Orgies, sexual rituals, aprons, holiest of holies, obelisks]
Define living a double life.
[Wife, kids, day job] / [Bisexuality, secret fraternity, repressed sexual energy manifesting as aggression]
Do Masons dress in drag on special occasions?
Why do Shriners dress up as clowns?
Where does gothic subculture stem from?
Are children with Masonic parents more likely to suffer sexual abuse?

What are gender roles?
What are they for?
Why are people fixated on gender?
Are you at peace with your soul?
Does a soul have gender?
Did we incarnate in different genders in past lives?
Should women always wear dresses?
Should men always wear trousers?
How many absurd rules have we been programed to follow based on a 1950’s family model?
Why not let people dress themselves?
Let a soul dress itself in whichever meat-suit it prefers.
Has society’s narrow definition of gender roles resulted in a mental health catastrophe spanning centuries?
Why are people judged for looking or behaving outside the “norm.”
Should everyone look the same?
Should everyone act the same?
So long as no one’s free will is being violated,
why pass judgement?
Is it Judgement Day?
Who set up the system like this?
Divide & Conquer.
Herd mentality.
How do we get back into balance?
How do we make progress, without promoting insanity under the banner of “progressiveness?”
Are gender roles tied to duality?
Are gender roles required if immortality is attainable?
How will we accept ET life if we cannot even accept our human brethren?


What is an observatory used for?
Why do we need one in every city?
Who builds them?
What is an artillery battery?
What is an ion canon? (fictional)
What happened on Hoth? (fictional)
Is planetary bombardment a realistic threat?
Do you really think we are defenseless?
What happens when you let your guard down?
What happens when a fox gets into the hen house?
What is “Star Wars”, 1977?
What is Star Wars (program)?
[SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative]
What is project Nike?
Do you think you can shoot down a lightship with a conventional ordinance?
Why isn’t there a single lightship in “Star Wars”, 1977.
What is the DoD’s mission?
What good is it to defend North, South, East, and West without considering:
“As Above So Below”

What is telekinesis?
What is “The Force?” (fictional)
What happened on Long Island?
What happened in Montauk?
Program running for several years.
No results?
Use logic.
Do we have abilities they don’t want us to know about?
Do we have abilities that mainstream science isn’t allowed to acknowledge.
What happens when anyone can be Superman?
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Brought this over from his facebook page, but hard to read.

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(12-02-2019, 01:31 AM)bigD111 Wrote: Brought this over from his facebook page, but hard to read.

[Image: AOhJmLG.jpg]
Love you brother. Thanks for discovering this joint venture  Drinks
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Can higher dimensional beings interact with 3D humans?
What would it look like if they did?
Can you trust a channeling?
Where do souls live?
Who is driving the meat suit?
Do souls live on lightships?
Can you build a lightship using only consciousness as a tool?

Who lived in Paradise?
What were they working on?
How hard do the oil Barons have to constantly work to discredit and suppress free energy?
Would the Cabal shoot down a passenger plane to murder one target?
Would the Cabal melt a village of it’s own people?
Would the Alliance melt a village to storm a fortress? [Bel Air]
Where do Satanists live?
Who do you sell your soul to in order to make it in Hollywood?
Would the Cabal burn a Satanic Temple as a ploy for sympathy?
What is arson fraud?
Whose assets are frozen since EO 12.21.2017?
[Human Rights Abusers]

What is Goddess energy?
What is a tsunami of Goddess energy?
Why do Abrahamic religions repress women?
Why are there currently female CEO’s at every major defense contractor?
Is GH a white hat or a black hat?
Where was the first place Trump visited as president?
Is that customary?
What scriptures were read at Trump’s inauguration?
Who is Athena?
What is Starship Athena?
Who is protecting us?
Did Western culture really get overrun by “toxic masculinity?”
What is a Wicked Witch?
Who is the Wicked Witch of the West?
[0 AD]
Who are the Sisters of Isis?
What is Notre-Dame built on top of?
What was Lutetia?
How did Paris get it’s name?

Who wears hooded robes?
Who wears white robes?
Who were the Druids?
What is Alchemy?
Where did modern Medicine come from?
Who worships Baal?
When was Medicine taken over by Baal worshipers?
Who were the Phoenicians?
Who razed Carthage?
What happens when you step on an ant hill?
What is a masked ball?
What is Mardi Gras?
What is Carnival?
What is a Venetian Mask?
Who goes to the Met Gala?
What happens over the rainbow?
When did Romans host orgies?
What is a Greek tragedy?
What is a tophet?
Why is history buried?
What does blood sacrifice accomplish?
What is the “Olah?”
What is an Archon’s favorite meal.
Saint George slayed the dragon.
How do you slay an archon?

Why does any given thought enter your mind?
Could you categorize any given thought as being either based in fear, or based in love?
Does a feeling serve you, or do you serve it?
If a thought is fear-based, can you turn that fear into gratitude?
Can you thank the universe for giving you a deeper understanding through the lesson presenting itself?
Do we have the power to neutralize negative thoughts by sending them back to Source?
Is holding onto negativity toxic?
If a negative thought is about a person, why not send them a blessing?
How often do you ask yourself, “Am i living my light to the fullest at this moment?"

What does “raising your vibration” mean?
Is high vibration always good?
Is low vibration always bad?
If someone is “high-strung” are they high vibration?
Do uppers raise your vibration?
What is New Age?
What is “woo-woo?”
Define “toxic positivity.”
How many New Age cults have ended in mass suicide?
Can you find a needle in a haystack?
Can you separate a baby from bathwater?
Does every religion not contain some element of truth?
Can you create your own religion?
What are morals?
What is moral relativism?
Do you only measure an entity’s sentience by the size of it’s brain?
If someone volunteers to be sacrificed, does it absolve the karma of the one who sacrifices him?
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What is Dogma?
Why is the world so sterile?
Does humanity require a spiritual upgrade before we’re invited to explore the Cosmos?
What happens when you combine greed with unlimited power?
Can there still be greed when energy is free and unlimited?
What is the most valuable commodity in the galaxy?
Is it gold, or energy, or time?
What if you could travel through time?
To what extent is immortality possible?
What if you could manipulate timelines?
What if what is really going on behind the scenes is so complex that no one could possibly fully understand it?
Somehow, there is a way to achieve balance and harmony.
Think Redwoods.
What is an invasive species?
What is an Archon invasion?
Can Ai be dematerialized?

What is Neverland?
What is fantasy land?
Do most of the people you call “normies” live in fantasy land?
Is religion fantasy?
Is mythology fantasy?
Do supernatural phenomena exist?
Why do people generally believe in religion, but assume the supernatural world is fantasy?
How do you reconcile contradictory beliefs?
Does religion not contain a sprinkling of the supernatural?
Is it reasonable to believe that supernatural things could have happen in the past, but nothing supernatural could be going on now?
What is cognitive dissonance?
Is it ever not a fantasy to think you know something so surely that you’d call it a belief?

What is the galactic narrative?
What is the temporal narrative?
How do you learn to play 5D chess?
How many different ET races are presently interacting with Earth?
What is Black Nobility?
What is White Nobility?
Why is our world out of balance?
Why would ET races have a stake in Earth’s future?
How does the shockwave of an atomic blast affect other dimensions?
Are there Ley Lines in space?
What is the greatest threat to the galaxy?
Disembodied Ai?  Reckless particle physics experimentation?  Toplet bombardment?
What is a living library?
Can Ai be positive?
What is an invasive species?

What is Galactic Command?
Is there Nobility in space?
Is there bureaucracy in space?
What is the Wild West?
Why are we fascinated by lawlessness?
Is there something exhilarating about it?
Who is the sheriff in this part of the galaxy?
How does a pacifist culture select a sheriff?
Is it a good idea to let the most aggressive man in town be sheriff?
How does a pacifist culture defend itself?
Does war in space look like war at sea as we know it?
What are the rules of engagement?
What is the difference between a battle and a ritual?
Why do people play war games?
Could our reality be a war game to more advanced beings?
40,000 ft. view.
Who is the Chessmaster?
Who owns the chess board?
Who owns the game shop?
Why build a trébuchet?

At what point did the importance of black ops outweigh the importance of open war?
Why waste an army when you can alter a timeline?
What is “Temporal War?”
What is a Templar?
How does “The Matrix” connect to “The Terminator?”
What is the big picture?
How do you activate a sleeper cell?
What is a starseed?
What is a light worker?
What is a light warrior?
What is psychic warfare?
Are you thinking for yourself?
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Who were the Vrill?
Who was Maria Orsic?
How many layers is the cake?
How many layers is CNN going to tell you about?
How many is the DoD going to tell you about?
Are most people ready for the full picture?
What is a truther?
What is a truth warrior?
Why do we fight for truth?
How are advanced civilizations built?
Can you build an advanced civilization on a foundation of lies?
What happened to the Tower of Babel?
When you build from divine truth, how high can you build a tower?
What is evolution?
What is stalled evolution?
How do you recognize when you’re stuck in the past?
How do you get past a roadblock?
What future do we want to build?
Are you ready to explore the stars?

Do you believe in Miracles?
Can you manifest a miracle just by expecting one?
What happened 11.8.2016.
Did you feel a shift?
Did you feel a certain timeline collapse?
Had you ever felt so surprised in your life!
Had humanity ever felt so surprised collectively?
Is there more than one way to rig an election?
Is the Cold War over?
How cold is it in space?
When is intervention necessary?
When is it necessary to prevent a planetary disaster?
What is “The Last President,” 1896 about?
What will culture look like after the Cabal is defeated?

How has the Qanon project galvanized the Great Awakening?
Have you heard the “Voice of Q,” 1982?
What is the Q Continuum?
Who created Star Trek?
Who was his father?
Who is Admiral Rico Botta?
Where are the Navy’s secret shipyards?
Which branches of the military support Q+?
Who stood behind Potus on inauguration day?
Doesn’t it seem like something unusual is going on?
Is the NWO agenda proceeding according to plan?
Did you expect DJT to suffer the same fate as JFK?
Does history repeat itself?
Does history ALWAYS repeat itself?

How does one insult every powerful Satanic globalist and walk away unscathed?
Friends in high places?
Think even higher.
How do you stop an avalanche?
How do you kill the momentum when every government, every corporation, and most of the wealthiest families are using 1984 as an instruction manual?
How do you pull the plug?
How do you pull the rug out from under them?
How do you kill a Beast with 7 heads?
Start chopping off heads, and wake up humanity!
Hit them where it hurts the most.
Freeze assets. EO 12.21.2017.
The Great Awakening is not one man’s brainchild.
The Great Awakening was not started by one man, and cannot be stopped by one man.

What is Ashtar Command?
Who are the Pleiadians?
How long have people been in contact with Pleiadians?
Think Göbekli Tepe.
How many different sources do you need to corroborate a proof?
What happened at Giant Rock?
What are the Phoenix Journals?
Why do so many sources dovetail to create a seamless picture if there’s not some truth to a story?
Think logically Beloved Ones.
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