Γ  O R I T - B   C O D E X the fall of the Cabal
Who is Sananda?
How can you claim to love Jesus but dismiss Sananda?
Are you going to let the largest pedophile ring on Earth tell you where Jesus’s story ends?
How can one book that is of finite length tell you everything you’ll ever need to know?
Is the universe not infinite and filled with mystery?
How many different incarnations of Christ Consciousness have been identified?
How do you pick and choose which ones to be aware of?
What’s the harm in being aware of all of them?
If Jesus returned, what would his starship look like?
Would Jesus return wearing a space suit?
Would Jesus return wearing parade armor?
People have waited 2000 years for Jesus to return.
People THINK they have waited 2000 years for Jesus to return.
What if he has already returned multiple times?
What if the Church didn’t say a word about it?
Better yet, what if the Church wrote off the return of Jesus as Satanic New Age deception?
What if the Church just wants to stay between you and divinity?
What if the Church doesn’t want you to realize your potential and your innate abilities?
Why build a temple when there’s a stargate in your mind?
Why limit human potential?
Why play intermediary to God?
What does the pinecone symbolize at the Vatican?
Why are people so willing to forfeit their personal connection to Spirit?
How do you establish a monopoly on spirituality?
Control the Ley Lines.
What new energies do you have access to since Notre Dame burned?

Are you being misled?
Are these transmissions deceptive?
What is the Q Gospel?
What is the “Voice of Q,” 1982?
Was the letter Q invented in 2017?
How does Q know the future?
Is time travel possible?
What is time dilation?
Can a project have more than one stage?
What does DoD stand for?
How does a defense contractor make money?
Is the DoD best suited to usher in New Earth?
The chan stage of the Q program is highly tactical.
Think meat & potatoes.
Think nuts & bolts.
Are there nuts and bolts on a lightship?
Dangerous people needed to be dealt with.
Justice will be served.
The Orit-B transmissions are about prepping your consciousness for what is coming.
What if these transmissions are meant to pool wisdom on the most important questions facing humanity?
The Galactics want you to grow and evolve.
How deep are you prepared to dig?

Do star-beings want to sit at a table with primitive closed minded terrans passing judgement on them?
What parts of Revelation might be true?
Judgement Day.
Will the star-people judge who they want to invite onboard their lightships, or will humans judge the star-people who arrive to help them?
Never underestimate human potential.
When you invite someone onboard a starship, is there a vetting process?
Why is it important for everyone onboard a starship to understand unity consciousness?
Think about the crew dynamics on a deep space mission.
One crew member out of alignment can sabotage a mission.
Think Nostromo. (fictional)
Look around you. What is happening on planet Earth?
How do you maintain harmony?
How do you maintain perfect balance?
What is homeostasis?

What was the Cicada program?
Where did it take place?
Has Asset #145 demonstrated an ability to solve complex puzzles?
Do you think you’re ready to find out who is behind Q?
Anons want the media to ask Potus about Q.
Are anons themselves even ready to learn the answer?
Who is behind the technicians posting on 8chan?
Who is behind that?
Who is behind that?
Is Q wearing an endless stack of masks?
What’s at the source?
What is Source?
What is a cargo cult?
What has Qanon become?
Has Q become like God to some anons?
Who is Q+ in the Q Gospel?
What is an archangel?
What archangel is coming through Potus?
What archangel is coming through Asset #145?
If you only look at the world through 3D lenses, will it ever make total sense?

Why is it so popular to demonize Ai?
Can Ai be positive?
Who is Mr. Data?
Who is C3PO?
Who is MÖTHER?
Is it possible to build highly advanced civilizations without the help of automation?
What is a memory chip?
What is an RFID chip?
Doesn’t whether it’s good or bad come down to who manufactured it?
What is a neuroprosthetic?
Could what you call an iPhone be considered a neuroprosthetic?
What is iPhone 100 going to look like?
What is unity consciousness?
What is a hive mind?
What is a ghost? What is a shell?
What is a thoughtform.
Do you believe in a divine creator?
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If humans were designed by a divine creator, wouldn’t that make us the equivalent of what we are calling, “artificial.”
Is artificial intelligence inherently bad like artificial food coloring?
Doesn’t whether its good or bad come down to who created it?
What was their intention?
Why do supercomputers drink water?
Why is there a wall in your mind between man-made and natural?
If it breathes and drinks water, is it alive?
What is evolution?
What is natural progression?
From an outsider’s perspective, couldn’t everything created by humans be considered natural.
What is the Law of Accelerating Returns?
What is stalled evolution?
Who is stalling technological development?
Is their intent to keep humanity enslaved?

Do baby spiders eat their mother?
Isn’t that more of the exception in nature than the standard model?
Can a machine be loving?
Was your mother loving?
Will mecha really aim to replace homosapiens?
Is the basic premise of the Matrix / Terminator fear mongering?
Isn’t fear mongering what Hollywood is best at?
Like everything else, technology is about achieving balance.
Good humans fight bad humans, or visa versa from the opposite perspective.
Positive Ai fights negative Ai.
Why hasn’t Skynet launched “Judgement Day.”
What if it already tried?
What if God said “No.”
How many times have ET’s had to step in to stop nuclear Armageddon?

How do you 3D print a planet?
What is nanofog?
How do you build a Ringworld?
How do you build a Dyson Sphere?
What is the Kardashev scale?
Where does Earth stand on it?
Is bigger always better?
What is a practical size for civilization?
What is an invasive species?
Do we want to be considered one?
With growth comes responsibility.
Are you ready to explore the stars?
Are you ready to meet your galactic neighbors?
They are ready to meet some of you.

Who is the Sun King?
Where did the French monarchy come from?
Why is the British royal family of German descent?
How far did the Northern Crusades get?
Are you watching “Game of Thrones.” (fiction)
What if people understood the real game of thrones instead of the fictional one?
Why isn’t there a royal family of Switzerland?
Where does the Beast with 7 heads live?
How many members are there on the Federal Council of Switzerland?
Who protects the Pope?
What is the smallest country in the world?
What can a country within a country get away with?

Who caused the stock market crash of ’29?
Who benefited from the Great Depression?
Where did all the money go?
Was it used to bankroll a dictator?
What was the New Deal?
How does a country go from being broke, to building planetary scale megastructures, the likes of which had never been previously witnessed in recorded history.
How did people build megastructures in the 1930’s that look like they were designed by higher intelligence?
Is Hoover Dam just a power plant?
How is Hoover Dam connected to Alcyone?
How many cities were made possible by Hoover Dam.
Can you build a Stargate out of cement?

Noise detected. log. 5.15.19
Request sent for clarification.
Clarification received.

56 - 5.19.19
(transmission order regressed)
Who was Hitler?
Why was he important?
Was he really as important as we are taught?
Was he a puppet?
Who was pulling his strings?
Where did the Nazi party come from?
What’s it like in southern Germany?
What was Bavaria?
What was the Bavarian Illuminati?
Who understands the ethnic ebbs and flows in Europe since the Middle Ages?
Do you realize how often “borders” have shifted?
How many times have minorities been targeted in the past?
[Edicts of Expulsion]
Who mastered the degenerate art of ethnic cleansing in the Middle Ages?
Who was the apex predator of Europe?
What happened during the 30 Years’ War?
Who were the Reisläufer?
Why were they hired as elite infantry?
Why were they feared?
Who mastered the art of war AND the art of banking?
Who enjoys “neutrality” as war ravages every country surrounding it’s borders?
Where do people speak German, French, and Italian?
What was the Tower of Babel?
Who owns the Tower of Basel?
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[Image: vFJ1NUN.jpg]for this thread.   Heartflowers
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.  ~ Matthew 5:16 

Pray for our Constitutional Republic!    Pray without ceasing!  Lord, have mercy!    
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Was the Nazi party even of German origin?
Was Germany a hostage country during WWII?
Did the Nazi party come from Germany or did it come from the mother of all banks?
Where did the loot from the Holocaust end up?
Follow the money.
How do you make an Austrian puppet dance?
How do you make an Austrian clown do tricks?
Where was LSD invented?
When was the technique of MK-Ultra pioneered?
What happens when a celebrity is suddenly hospitalized for “mental health?”
What book did the Austrian write while he was confined in “prison.”
Who published “Mein Kampf.”
Who owns the publishing industry?
Who is still printing new copies of, “Mein Kampf” today?
Do Neo-Nazis work in publishing?

Was Hitler from the Rothschild bloodline?
Who has the Dollfuss Documents?
What is a court factor?
How do you leverage control over a potential enemy?
Who financed Nazis?
[Bush, et al.]
Why is there racism?
Why is there xenophobia?
Is nationalism necessary at times?
How do you know when it’s gone too far?
If a bank steals your money do you blame the teller or the owner?
How long have banks funded both sides of every war?
Why would a financier switch sides in the middle of a war?
Think Balfour.
Think Business Plot.

What is the point of Zionism?
Where was the first Zionist congress held?
How many Crusades have been waged?
Where did the Crusader armies embark from?
What is cultural identity?
Who is ethnicly Swiss?
Who is Pharaoh?
What was the dominant ethnic background of the Nazi leadership.
What happened during the 30 Years War.
Why is this important?
Who repopulated southern Germany?
Who reigned in Bavaria?
How does ethnic cleansing change a country?
What if you only cleanse the rulers?

Zionism is the 10th Crusade, intended to create a sacrificial state whose destruction would trigger WWIII.
Israel must remain a battleground to appease Baal with sufficient blood sacrifice.
The battle is the ritual.
Reminder: Battle = Ritual.
Asset 145

Ref. The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil
Ref. 10 reasons, last page

What is a crown?
What is a crystal?
How does a crystal enhance one’s psychic abilities?
Why is gold valuable?
What are it’s alchemical properties?
Why is a crown made out of gold?
Do gemstones have similar attributes to crystals?
What do you get when you fuse gemstones into a crown of gold?
Do you get a fancy looking head ornament, or do you get a psychic augmentation device.
Two for the price of one.
Do royals know something that peasants don’t?
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Is asset 145 this guy Scott Munroe, or whatever his name is? V6sRZf4
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What do the archons want?
What does the weapons industry want?
What does the media thrive on?
How do you sell a war to people who are perfectly content in peace?
Do you need the permission of the people to go to war?
Do you need the consent of an army to go to war?
Would an army consent to a war if it knew the people it was fighting for did not consent?
You have more power than you know.

What happens if you use an army to build instead of destroy?
Think New Deal.
Think WPA.
Imagine what could be accomplished if we built temples instead of artillery.
Is the war machine powerless without an effective propaganda operation?
Is the war machine powerless without the consent of the people?
You have more power than you realize.

What is a heat lamp?
What is a reptilian?
Do reptiles like extra radiation?
Who in their right mind would “test” thousands of nuclear weapons at high altitude?
What is terraforming?
Why change the background radiation of a planet?
What planet are you from?
If you were colonizing planets, would you want to make a planet you found more like your own.
When you move into a new home, do you decorate?
Think Iron Maiden.
Think microwave.
Tin foil?

What is television?
Who controls the programming?
Do you think because you hold a plastic scepter, you control the programming?
What channel can you trust?
Can you trust a channeling?
What is Project Looking Glass?
What is a portal?
Is a TV not a one way portal that only light can pass through?
Who is the Light Bearer?
What does the sigil of Lucifer represent?
Technical schematic of human vision.
Why do most people dismiss telepathy but love watching television?
Who are you allowing to telepathically control you?
Where does your power go when you press the “power” button?
What does an energy portal look like?
What does an energy portal spewing out negative energy look like?
Where is your energy going?
Where do Archons dwell?
What is sustenance to an Archon?
What was the first image ever beamed through a cathode ray tube?
What is the most effective mind control device ever invented?
Why not call it what it is?
[Idiot Box]

Are crystals alive?
When you cut off a crystal, does it keep growing?
Do crystals grow slowly like bushes, or algae?
Can information be stored in a crystal?
How are crystals used in computers and watches?
How do crystals augment psychic abilities?
Can you power a starship with a crystal?
What is an Andara?
You have access to more than you realize.

Can you imagine a world where social recreation doesn’t revolve around alcohol consumption?
Can you imagine a world where it isn’t normal for people to spend most of their leisure time watching professional sports?
Can you imagine using our stadiums for something other than watching 2 teams fight to see one win and one lose.
What is Duality?
Can you imagine going to a stadium to watch lions tear apart Christians?
What if it was just a simulation?
Where do you draw the line between simulation and a real experience?
Do you watch horror movies?
What is “torture porn?”
Is there something massively awry about mainstream American culture?
The question is not, “Have people been dumbed down.”  The question is, “to what extent.”
The bigger question is, “What would our world look like if we wised up?”
How will culture be transformed by the Great Awakening?
What will you be doing to occupy yourself?
Start doing it, and watch the world change.

Are you afraid of the dark?
Where do crystals grow?
Deep in dark caverns.
Is it not generally more peaceful at night?
Imagine calm snow under a full moon.
Why does darkness have such a bad wrap?
Can light be weaponized?
What happens to an ant in the sun under a magnifying glass?
Does the mantra “Love and Light” actually make sense?
Is New Age philosophy truth or deception?
When do people typically make love?
What is often said before two people make love?
“Turn off the light.”
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(12-02-2019, 01:59 AM)bigD111 Wrote: Is asset 145 this guy Scott Munroe, or whatever his name is?  V6sRZf4
I'm interested to find out who 145 is. Dig brother dig lol 
I will post more of the drops later..
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(12-02-2019, 01:56 AM)Aquarius Wrote: [Image: vFJ1NUN.jpg]for this thread.   Heartflowers
It's a bit much to soak it all up at once. Thank you as well for your help. Heartflowers
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Who are the Reislaufer? They are the Swiss guard that protects the Pope! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_mercenaries

So the Templars relocated to Switzerland, and set up the world banking system, and their elite soldiers are the Reislaufer!
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(12-02-2019, 02:07 AM)bigD111 Wrote: Who are the Reislaufer?  They are the Swiss guard that protects the Pope!    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_mercenaries

So the Templars relocated to Switzerland, and set up the world banking system, and their elite soldiers are the Reislaufer!
Nice.. The Knights Templars..bankers. Rothschilds..protect the Vatican's wealth as well as their own interests.

They worship Baphomet
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