Some Hinky Shit with Texas and the Department Of Energy...
Like I said this was done by the left to punish Texas and it shows how :green energy" is FARCE it is just to line the pockets of those directly involved and has NOTHING to do with providing RELIABLE low cost energy to the citizens.

The people whom did this including Biden who allowed it, should be on trial for murder and crimes against humanity and HUNG after conviction!

There is no longer a government in DC who are "FOR the PEOPLE" it is now a bunch of insane assholes running this country and that is NOT acceptable.
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Pin Worthy.... I think we all suspected this all along.
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I read the order allowing the energy to be used but who was going to get charged 15 hundred bucks per mw hour? (page 2 of 4 no. i ) I did not see where he denied the emergency order.... can someone read the 1500.00 per mw hour part, who was paying who? why?

Does this mean the US was price gouging Texas or is that a carbon tax on emissions as a penalty?

WTF Was the US selling high priced electricity or penalty taxing it?
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Well I went looking for 202c of the Federal Power Act, they have an official Office of Electricity and this is what it is,....A freaking racket looks like to me.. Somehow they tied it to CISA Cyber people....

ABOUT US (you open the page link you will see this header in the center, open it...)

Our History
Our Organization
OE Accomplishments
Power Marketing Administrations

DOE's Use of Federal Power Act Emergency Authority

Home » Projects » Electricity Policy Coordination and Implementation » Other Regulatory Efforts » DOE's Use of Federal Power Act Emergency Authority

Under FPA section 202© during the continuance of a war in which the United States is engaged or when an emergency exists by reason of a sudden increase in the demand for electric energy, or a shortage of electric energy, or of facilities for the generation or transmission of electric energy, or of the fuel or water for generating facilities, or other causes, the Secretary of Energy may require by order temporary connections of facilities, and generation, delivery, interchange, or transmission of electricity as the Secretary determines will best meet the emergency and serve the public interest.  16 U.S.C. § 824a©.

DOE has established the email address for the receipt of all materials related to Federal Power Action section 202©.  All public comments and requests should be sent in writing to  Information that the sender deems sensitive and not eligible for public release should be marked accordingly, and both a public (redacted) and non-public version of such materials should be submitted.  Additional information about 202© procedures, if necessary, will be announced on this web page.

The provision of this process for submission of correspondence or comments on any pending application is for purposes of ensuring the receipt by the appropriate office and personnel within the Department.  Establishment of this email address does not establish a "docket," and those submitting correspondence do not constitute parties or intervenors to any proceeding.  Further, submission of correspondence to the Department does not in any way limit or prevent the ability of the Secretary to act on any application, or pursuant to section 202© without application, in any way and at any time as he deems appropriate.

On February 14, 2021, a 202© emergency order was issued to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) authorizing specific electric generating units (resource list) located within the ERCOT area to operate at their maximum generation output levels due to ongoing extreme weather conditions and to preserve the reliability of bulk electric power system

(you will see more previous emergency orders)

Under About Us....there are contact phone numbers...

[b]About the Office of Electricity[b]

Grrrr... Reeks of privatized middlemen taking a thousand price cuts off the carcass of America in an emergency
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Bidens actions on the previous executive order...

Securing the United States Bulk-Power System Executive Order

FEBRUARY 9, 2021

On January 20, 2021, President Biden issued an Executive Order on “Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis,” which, in part, suspends EO 13920, “Securing the United States Bulk-Power System” for 90 days.

Consequently, responsible Utilities will not be expected to formally file their certifications on February 15, 2021 (designating CDFs as a priority load in the applicable system load shedding and restoration plans) and on March 17, 2021 (confirming that they have not entered into prohibited transactions and established an internal process to track compliance).

During this time, the Secretary of Energy and the Director of OMB will jointly consider whether to recommend that a replacement order be issued. In furtherance of mitigating threats, the Department of Energy will continue its engagements with utilities on energy security issues during the suspension of EO 13920.


On May 1, 2020, former President Trump signed Executive Order 13920, "Securing the United States Bulk-Power System," (BPS EO) which authorized the U.S. Secretary of Energy to work with Federal partners and the energy industry to secure America’s Bulk-Power System. The Department of Energy (DOE) issued a press release on May 1, 2020.

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(02-20-2021, 12:25 PM)Scuffalufacus Wrote: Pin Worthy.... I think we all suspected this all along.
I agree. PPR  Heartflowers
"There's a lot goin ' on" ~ Axl Rose
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If true, hopefully suits led by 900 pound gorillas are in the offing.
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Its looking more and more like this was an intentional hit on the Texas power grid by the Department Of Energy and the US Government !
"You better start believing in ghost stories Miss Swann, because you are in one."
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VERIFY: Energy Department gave Texas an emergency OK to exceed pollution limits

Claims online say that the US Energy Department denied requests from Texas’ electricity distributor to operate at maximum levels. The claims are not true.

Someone needs to roast the Biden admin and Huizenga....
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Funny in the way he presents his information while providing a sequence of events in a coherent, memorable fashion.

Around eight minutes.

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