NYT asks you to stop thinking critically, seriously

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The MSM (originally, the yellow press) has dictatorial control over us.

AP (Associated Press), NYT being part of that cartel, has been manipulating everything by using lies.
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(02-20-2021, 09:41 AM)theChadChaddington Wrote:  
TLDR: The New York Times put an opinion piece out Feb. 18 claiming you should stop thinking critically in order to combat misinformation online. 

Way back in the late 1950's, author James Blish published his belief that "Science is Dead." He argued that when scientific research became such a profitable and proprietary effort, that the people out there doing real experiments and getting real answers would stop telling anyone their results except when there was money to be made. The result of that, for the general public, is that we don't get to know any of the answers they have, only the ones they want to sell us. 

We cannot use our brains to critically analyze ideas if we are consistently fed false or incomplete data. We can't get access to the real data, because there are firewalls around any raw information. 

When poll workers look at vote data, it looks fine, because they had no idea it was doctored by malware before they ever saw it. 

When a doctor looks at vaccine trials, they see good results, because the study was designed to produce those good results and ignore the rest. 

And so on.

We cannot exercise critical thinking on current events issues, because we are deliberately told only the information that supports their narrative.
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