"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday" UAL328 Boeing 777-200 Engine Failure, Debris Rains Down on Denver
Fan blade failures only happen because of a couple of things.

1- poor quality of after market parts. The metallurgy to make these parts is very precise, there is NO room for seconds or fakes

2- poor inspection during routine maint. which requires those blades to have a extensive inspection. only takes ONE small dimple to cause a crack to form and a blade to fail in these engines there is NO room for error during inspections.

What has been happening for years in many industries which include airlines is the cost to operate has VERY high maint costs. They have been working on cutting those costs to improve overall profit margins and this puts the plane and its passengers at risk. This is fact not someone's guess.

What used to bother me more was the FACT that I don't believe the airframe inspections are being performed adequately and with many planes still flying with thousands of hours of flight time, I seriously believe in the high probability of airframe failures due to stress cracks not being found during inspections to me that are questionable is a valid event in progress.

Now it appears we are getting into even more dangerous areas of engine maint. and either poor inspections or poor quality of aftermarket parts.

Being a ex-pilot I don't fly commercial anymore unless FORCED to by emergency for these reason's, yes at this point the odds are still high that you will have a safe flight, but I don't play the odds games.
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