Mars Perseverance....weird shit on live stream..
When do we find out if it's a flat Mars or not ?


Cool pic's. Thanks for sharing
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Alien pill boxes strategically placed so the cross fire eliminates the attackers moving in on the main fortified structure. Chuckle
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Funny.. I still remember all those early pictures of the surface of Mars being a reddish hellscape, red sky red sand red red red..

Now its blue skies and looks downright pleasant. 

Drip drip disclosure  Wink

They came out a few years ago and admitted to flowing water.  Too many people were coming out with pictures of it seeping out of the tops of hills and flowing down..

Can't wait till they explain all those trees that lose their "leafs " during the winter...
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Did the lander come down on its own, or as part of a craft?  How far is it from the landing site?

Could that be the rover's "base?"

(Just asking, I heard nothing about this until it landed and am completely uninformed.  I do think the fact they aren't putting the red filter on the images anymore is the most interesting part of the whole thing).
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According to them, the only people that should engage in critical thinking are those who are leftist.
"You better start believing in ghost stories Miss Swann, because you are in one."
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Wow, these new pictures are a game changer, i think they've cocked up big time and I dont mean the obvious anomalies
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I just watched the live feed -- in all the close shots it looks like it just finished raining!

Is this thing supposed to start moving at some point?
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Those screen shots from Martini reveal a huge city in the background if you alter the 'hue'of it in a photo editor.
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