Micro$oft now infiltrating Raspberry pi
Just because it was more difficult to install vscode before the repo addition.  But some ay the old way with seasoned users wasn’t that difficult.  But then there was the open source alternative that was already available.

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Apt update && apt upgrade

During the upgrading process a message something to the effect of blocking vscode repo showed up.

Maybe its’ being quarantined?

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An ARM version of Windows 10 scaled back can be run/installed on a Raspberry pi.


But why would you want to treat your computer like that?
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(03-07-2021, 03:29 PM)Max Wrote: I wasn't building mini workstations, I was using the stuff for experimenting in and for, outside world device control.. camera platform stuff, motion control, etc. Sensor based triggering, etc.

P Basic  is easier and and more compact than C++

For fancier stuff, Intel Atom ! 12 VDC, lots of CPU power.



Haven't checked out the rest of the site, but THAT one is a bay trail. Bay trail is notoriously hard to put Linux on. Plus, they say "Available through 2019".
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Micro$oft originally started with AT&T Unix and tried to develop their own offering, Xenix.  It had a steep license to get a copy of AT&T Unix, but due to divestiture, IBM was afraid of what would happen to the Xenix as a result.


Unix timeline history:


Other battles in Unix history:

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Raspberry Pis have some kind of firmware partially on the boot media and some on the EEPROM.  

Free Software Foundation guy Richard M Stallman on the baloney that is Secure Boot/UEFI firmware.


Not protecting you from boot sector viri, but preventing you from using anything besides Micro$oft bug infested software.

Micro$oft has engaged in AntiTrust violations, but they just keep at it.

Micro$oft wanted to lock ARM devices with secure boot so that they couldn't change the Secure boot keys and install anything else.
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Was needing the kernel headers on my raspberry pi and went through a short make config.  It was asking me all these questions about drivers I don't need just to build a module with the required kernel headers.  One driver module (now this is in the kernel tree), something about a microsoft bluetooth stack.  Isn't bluetooth the device of choice for the corona virus contact tracing thing on iPhones and Androids?  Of course the linux kernel goes for more than just PCs, it is used on Android and Apples.
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Raspberry pi reaffirming its' commitment to Micro$oft.  

The reasoning behind the ordeal?
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The GPU runs its’ own closed source RTOS and is responsible for most of the management tasks of the raspberry pi.


The RTOS is called ThreadX and is not accessible to the Linux OS running on top of it.

So why can’t we have h265 4K hardware video support?  We can get 4K desktop, but not video.

The video Core IV only gets a framebuffer video driver support in Linux.  But the gpu takes over most of the function that would mostly be in the cpu.

And who owns the ThreadX RTOS now?  Yep our old buddy Micro$oft. Facepalm

It’s hopeless.


The ThreadX project people say they have nothing to do with the raspberry pi.


It might be possible that the latest raspberry pi came out before the 2019 acquisition of ThreadX by Micro$oft. But the latest on the repo sure makes this interesting as in the latest firmwares available.
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I might hang myself soon.
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