Micro$oft now infiltrating Raspberry pi
(05-16-2021, 10:50 PM)Echo Wrote: I might hang myself soon.
What? You have a pi?
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[Image: 500px-HDB-DOS_v1.4_DW4_Coco_3_Boot_Screen.jpg]

Even back then.
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This thing about the Video Core IV GPU is interesting.

There is a TV hat for the raspberry pi, but nothing that says you can't use a regular USB TV tuner.

[Image: 822e1aef3e971196c3ab585a7f5fa8bf680cf4c5_770a9295-1.jpg]

[Image: Hauppauge_1120_WinTV_HVR_950_USB_TV_Tuner_583555.jpg]

Typically to run a TV tuner on linux, you would have to use a Real Time scheduler on the kernel.  A kernel tuned for real time scheduling is needed.  But on the raspberry pi, just running a stock kernel (even raspbian) on top of the GPUs RTOS will allow he TV tuner to flow right along in real time.  This is interesting.
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What is an RTOS?

Most operating systems appear to allow multiple programs to execute at the same time. This is called multi-tasking. In reality, each processor core can only be running a single thread of execution at any given point in time. A part of the operating system called the scheduler is responsible for deciding which program to run when, and provides the illusion of simultaneous execution by rapidly switching between each program.

The scheduler in a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) is designed to provide a predictable (normally described as deterministic) execution pattern. This is particularly of interest to embedded systems as embedded systems often have real time requirements. A real time requirements is one that specifies that the embedded system must respond to a certain event within a strictly defined time (the deadline). A guarantee to meet real time requirements can only be made if the behaviour of the operating system's scheduler can be predicted (and is therefore deterministic).
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[Image: Redmi-Note-9.jpg]

The Redmi Note 9.  It has several versions including a global edition, along one for India and other places.  Should be able to work on just about any carrier.  In China, they have banned use of Google anything, but in other parts of the world or other editions besides the China version, it is impossible to remove the Gapps suite.  It can be removed through a recent practice of kissing up to the OEM and begging for forgiveness and the ability to unlock the boot loader. And then installing a custom rooted ROM.  This model in a series of other models came out just in time for the corona virus contact tracing era.  Most phones manufactured prior to 2020, can easily be retracted back to factory default version of the Gapps suite before the corona madness.  Just another piece of the puzzle about how China wants to take over the world?

A restart is all it takes for the phone to reload the factory version of google play services with corona virus contract tracing.
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A unit that has comparable amounts of power to the latest raspberry pi’s, only with Intel processors instead of ARM architecture; 4 cores running 1.5GHz up to about 2.0GHz possible:

[Image: access3-7.jpg]

Azulle Access3 fan less mini PC that plugs directly into your HDMI port of your monitor, or TV set (ah just like the old days).  

It is Linux friendly to a degree, with Windows 10 pro preinstalled on a nonremoveable disk inside the package or so we say.  There is an option to allow booting from another external connected disk in BIOS, along with an option for Linux.  Scratchinghead Why do I need a special option for Linux, when it will run just fine?  Ah must be that Windows will be default unless otherwise specified.  And a first boot up will not permit access to BIOS until after you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the preinstalled Windows.  Another dirty trick of Micro$oft and their racket UEFI Secure Boot.  But there’s something else that changes.  

Windows will run 4K Videos just fine as the specifications say the fanless unit claims.  But if you change the option in BIOS To Linux, you can still boot to Windows just fine, except now it only runs up to 1080p.   1dunno1  When you use Linux however, it doesn’t get the hardware acceleration that 4K Video would need At all, and limited to 1080p just like the raspberry pi.  It is Capable of doing about 2K desktop resolution in Linux, and that is more than the Windows desktop at this setting.  But not any 4K videos just like the pi.  

While other normal duty Linux will do 4K just fine.  It might be just that it is discrete vs integrated video chips as one possibility.  On mobile devices, the integrated video is expected to run at a constant resolution with a permanently mounted screen.  But on the discrete video, any monitor can be attached, and has the full support of a wide variety of resolutions.

This one has a funky BIOS where you can change the boot order of devices once the device is plugged into the USB port. That would get us around the limitation described above.
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It looks like some phones are easier to disable google play services than others.  The later androids made it easier to disable that and 3rd party factory installed apps as well.  May have to do some extra trick to do it, but better than having to root to be able to do that.  Better androids than ipads/iphones.  It is burned into the firmware update.  Harder to work with.  Apple decides everything, much tighter than closed source.  

However, taking an app that needs gps location in order to function.  When google play services is disabled, it complains that it needs to be enabled.  But however, the newer versions of android allow you to give permissions directly to the app instead of having to go through the google play services.  Google play services possesses just about every android permission that can be proxied to apps.  But the apps can get the same permissions granted to them.  The end result is we don't need google play services to get the same permissions.  So given it location permission, and the app is happy and no longer complains about needing google play services.
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Kind of amazing actually . What all gets stuffed in those pocket sized things .

My Father joined the NAVY to See the World . Ended up one of the first Machine Accountants . Computers were huge in the 50 's . Take up an entire room .

Miss You Dad .

[Image: 3FTRPrR.png][Image: on1tkoS.png]
Celebrating Over 30 Years as a " Designated Paper Terrorist "
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Apple stops signing ios 14.5 in lieu of 14.5.1 update.  Which means you can't downgrade.  And 14 or maybe the last 13 update, was that last update before the covid-19 exposure notifications API.

And apparently with 14.5.1, you get performance and battery issues to go with your locked in firmware update.
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(06-09-2021, 03:35 PM)Heir Wrote: Kind of amazing actually . What all gets stuffed in those pocket sized things .

My Father joined the NAVY to See the World . Ended up one of the first Machine Accountants . Computers were huge in the 50 's . Take up an entire room .

Miss You Dad .

Government keeps getting bigger & more useless.

Computers keep getting smaller & more useful.

Both of them have no moving parts.
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