(03-27-2021, 05:42 PM)~Leela~ Wrote: I got to thinking about this because Of an exchange I had with someone on another forum...and it intrigued me to wonder what others are feeling...

There is a fight or flight theme:

Let me expand.

He won't care I quote him.

He said this:

Quote:it's basically how i feel about society right now....and it makes me angry because i don't particularly believe i am 'better' than anyone.

it would require me going into the details of an average day for me here to illustrate why i feel justified in my jaundiced view toward the mass distraction and the non-conscious consumption that enables it...but it doesn't matter.

anyway, with what's habbening in the ukraine and the crazy devaluing of the almighty dollar, compounded by the dick move in the suez?.....i probably won't have to say a word as it will be self-evident before long.

some days it's extremely windy here and i get stuck inside while there is literally a hundred things that need doing here and i end up spending too much time online where i feel like i am shouting at the TV.

i will re-post an anecdote that i feel paints the picture of where human consciousness actually is in this solar cycle:

Maui the night of the summer solstice of 2000. I lit a fire in the centre of a medicine wheel and took a medicine journey through the flames.

I witnessed 2 cruise ships on the ocean far at sea. Each loaded with passengers and headed seemingly straight for the other. I seemed to be without body above one of the ships and was watching the panic that ensued as the passengers began to notice the other ship in the distance.
Initially the panic was directed toward the captain and crew in the form of pleas and demands to change course...but the captain was adamant that he must hold his course. The passengers turned their angst towards each other then. First yelling and arguing then pushing and fighting. I could hear and feel the tones of naked fear and pitiful self-righteousness in the melee.Soon, the other ship was within earshot and the exact same scenario could be seen and heard taking place on the other ship.As the ships drew nearer the passengers from each ship began to throw items from one vessel toward the other. People began to assault the crew who were protecting the captain who was determined to hold the course....ditto on the other ship.Finally, in the midst of my confusion as to why I was seeing this in the fire, I asked, "what am I doing here?".Then I felt large hands on my shoulders pushing me down onto the ship I'd been watching...down down into a chair that was on a deck filled with chairs. Now I was bodily aboard this doomed vessel and a voice came clear through the din to my inner ear, "Stay in Your Seat".I looked around and there were several people...many in fact, who were sitting quietly watching as the panicked mob grew more and more distasteful with each ignorant act and word. 
Then the ships met......  

but instead of a massive collision the hulls only grazed one another creating an enormous vibration across the decks of each ship. There was a tremendous incredible sound accompanied with the vibration.
All who were not sitting quietly were vibrated right over board into the sea. And because each captain dutifully held his course the ships were unharmed and still on course.
Best of all was the unforgettable sense of peace and tranquility I felt and shared with my fellow passengers as the chaos stopped and the cruise resumed. The appreciation for peace was 10 fold due to the build up and release of the tension.

This was my response: 

Quote: I always enjoy your parables and your allegories for that matter.....the whirling Dervish will always be my favorite.

When you heard 'stay in your seat', it reminds me of a time when I was in deep deep trenches, physically and greyish black was closing in on all sides of my soul and I went to close my eyes for good because I was going to be for good and I heard a voice say, "Float, just float" float above everything ...above the chaos, the pain, the utter annihilation that was occuring within my body, my heart, I floated

in a strange kinda way it somehow resonates with me with the story of almost sinking ships in a vast ocean and the voice sayin, 'Stay seated' you don't drown and the mine that said...'float' so I wouldn't drown.

It's almost like regaining lost instinct and then knowing that healing injured instinct is truly within reach...because that's what it is...'staying seated' or 'floating'. It is to listen to ones instinct that has been compromised by everything going on internally and externally....

And it returns when we pay close attention through looking, listening, and sensing the world around ourself...and then by acting efficiently, effectively, and essence we call up our instincts, in whatever language it speaks to do what we have to do and it will lead us where we need to go.

The strangest feeling came over me reading that from your friend.
Either I read that before or I’ve had the same exact dream. I truly feel I’ve dreamed something oddly similar.
The feeling is more intense than mere dejavu.

Either way, I’ve been saying to others for sometime now, to just watch, witness or wait.

And the other day I posted, “I’m going with the flow”.

There’s incredible peace in just watching it all unfurl, as if it’s supposed to and then there is satisfaction in getting to watch those that denied certain truths having to admit they are/were in the wrong.

Because...something much higher than myself, or anyone else, is in control.

“Trust the captain as the timelines cross.“
It’s what I recall was said to me from my own ship dream.

Destiny, fate, or whatever...only one thing is changeable maybe it’s in our hearts as spiritual, or in our minds as mental...but I know it’s not in the physical. The physical is the grand illusion. The ships are an illusion. Trust is the faith that we will get through what’s coming to pass...and not everyone will survive the change over.

Thank you for sharing @Leela

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Instinct is intelligent programming by design; a seemingly natural instinct assuring the survival of all living things. Instinctive intelligence is built into creation.
☯ * Under the cover of darkness and the silence thereof, I am able to accomplish some of my greatest discoveries of those things hidden. However, those things that hide by the light and noise of the day are far less attainable. Why? Because the light and the noise is a distraction! =cm= ✡

☯ * Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Imagination = Miracles! =cm= ✡

☯ * Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. Jeremiah 33:3 kjv ✡

☯ * Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24 niv ✡
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(04-08-2021, 09:01 AM)=cm= Wrote: Instinct is intelligent programming by design; a seemingly natural instinct assuring the survival of all living things. Instinctive intelligence is built into creation.

I know why you posted that  Heartflowers I appreciate all your words of wisdom.

And everyone else's on this thread.
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