Biden plans to block Alaska oil and gas leases.
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The old Ford Lightning pickup.  0-60 in 5 seconds.

[Image: 1993-Ford-F-150-SVT-Lightning-Fords-Orig...78x381.jpg]

The new (electric) lightning.  Only a few drag races before the batteries run down.
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You’re gonna drive me to drinking

If you don’t stop driving that



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Teachers went on strike in few states a few years ago.  They wanted a pay raise and they were going to at least in some states make oil and gas companies make up that difference.  Talk about paying more at the pump.   But why do they now want to vax the kids?  They’re closing down the schools, but heck with the controlling chip in the vax, don’t worry, you won’t need the schools anymore, the government will make all the decisions.
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All naturally aspirated! When I get all 3 I'll pose pic. Black just for reference, must have colour.
[Image: 3IiSE27.jpg]
[Image: M0ue1A7.jpg]
[Image: 7K3ZJW6.jpg]

German flat 6, Jap v8, Gm V8
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Are we paying for this?

Huge explosion hits key Iraq Turkey oil pipeline sending oil prices to 7 year high.

The world is not enough.
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