Caitlyn Jenner explores run for California governor
(04-07-2021, 01:29 AM)Dangerously Nameless Wrote:
(04-06-2021, 09:42 PM)phxsparks Wrote: Bruce Jenner as Caitlin is bizarre to say the least.

Bruce still has XY chromosomes even though he had his penis cut off and, a artificial vagina installed.

He is a guy trying to be a woman.

The end.


I didn’t hear that he had the penis removal surgery.

When did he have that done?

In 2017 there were stories of sexual reassignment surgery....

But in 2019 he stated at a comedy roast that he simply retired it....

Caitlyn Jenner On Her Transition: ‘I Didn’t Cut It Off, I Just Retired It’
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