Poll: Curious how many believe Donald Trump is going to return as our presidet soon?
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Yes, very soon!
13 34.21%
Maybe, but getting worried.
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No way, it's done like a burnt steak.
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Curious how many believe DJT is going to come back as president?
(04-09-2021, 12:39 PM)SlowLoris Wrote:
(04-09-2021, 07:38 AM)ishtahota Wrote:
(04-07-2021, 02:48 PM)Cedar Wrote: That's a genius assessment.

I am one of those who believe we are under martial law currently and have been since before the Election.  I need to remind myself that's what I believe all the time though, because I fall for those rotten by-this-or-that-date types every time.


They probably do it to demoralize what's left of us.

I answered the poll (What a cool idea, Sami aka Roxi!) that I believed President Trump would be back soon.  What I think tho is that, though we're in good hands even now, we are, individually, and our Country is too, under horrific attack.  I think I believe this version of the vax is benign, and that its purpose is to program everyone to believe there is no harm in them before the kill game.  I sound like a nutcase and I get that, but it's the effects of the chemtrails that lead me to believe bad, scary, harmful things really are happening and that we are, some of us, being hurt, for real, in real time.

I mean people, but I mean animals and wildlife and plants, too.

There was an especially heavy spraying here (Florida, southern Gulfside) about two weeks ago and now, I see plants yellowing and dying.  I've lost a peach tree filled with tiny green peaches.  The fruit formed, the chemtrail spraying happened, the leaves shriveled, and the tree died dead as a doornail.  Other plants and trees are yellowing, too.  I feel like there must be something the matter with me though, because no one else is saying anything about it ~ or the chemtrails.

Yesterday, information regarding the radioactive leak into the Gulf south of Tampa was made public.  It's been happening for awhile, and it could be that going public with it is how the companies doing the polluting will be made to correct the situation.

But that chemtrail thing, that is frightening.



All of my garden heirloom seeds had a 2% germination rate across the board. If I buried 20 seeds, (of which I use every year with a 90% germ/rate) only 1-2 germinated outside.

..the seeds that had to be started inside and under my grow-light (the harder ones like Coli-flower, Peppers ect) had a 99% germ rate.

Something settled in the soil is my guess, something that 'salts' the seeds?


Oh, and I have to...no..I need to believe that DJT will fix this...if not, then why even worry about 2022-24, it will be moot and we will be drawing battle-lines anyways

Totally off topic

I started seeds in a greenhouse, then planted them outside. The cucumbers and pumpkins immediately turned yellow. I went to Home Depot and got several bags of raised bed soil. I dug up the seedlings, filled the hole with the bought soil and replanted. The plants are thriving. I figure that by now they have sent down roots past the upper layer. (actually I thought it was my fault for using unfinished compost, but now I am wondering about what you said. )
Two days ago I planted tomato seedlings, this morning I see that they, too, are turning yellow. Back to Home Depot for store bought dirt.

Valuable information there, @SlowLoris.
I think there might be a couple here from Fl experiencing this, which caught my attention. Very recent, someone was reporting heavy chemtrailing down there, not sure if here on BTF or elsewhere. Also, something about plastic in the chemtrails, or similar. Anyone else know of this?

I also wonder if the same toxic chemicals are used across the board, from coast to coast.
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