Corona Vax = Prion Trigger Via Jim Stone
(04-07-2021, 09:45 PM)Pure Rock Fury Wrote:
(04-06-2021, 10:05 PM)Elric Wrote:
(04-06-2021, 08:34 PM)Heir Wrote: So now everyone knows the MRNA corona vaxxes program the body to produce the prion for mad cow disease. Here is what is not so well known:

Covid-19" itself has the prion for mad cow disease programmed into it. The entire time this was going on, they were saying that the protein the virus used to bind with cells was unique in a virus "So an MRNA vaccine could be made to combat the virus for that reason". What they did not say is that the protein was unique because it just so happened to be the prion from mad cow disease. THAT ended up in a virus NATURALLY . . . . . YEP. And it ended up in the virus in the worst possible spot . . . . . YEP.

So now (reported fully down this page a ways) they claim to have "fought the virus" by creating a vaccine that genetically TELLS your body to produce the prion for mad cow disease, "because it will confuse the virus and prevent binding". . . . . YEP, and meanwhile, the shot that supposedly "made you immune to corona" gave you creutzfeldt-jakob disease and you're gonna go down like a mad cow from the shot once that prion takes hold in your brain, - right around six months to a year from what they say.

We now have a vaccine developer for Astra Zeneca who died of creutzfeldt-jakob disease (a coincidence I am sure, because that's such a common affliction) *oh, it will be* now that so many people got that shot - AND we have a virus out in the wild that uses the prion from mad cow disease to bind with the cells it's attacking.


I'll tell you how cute: You had damn well better not have gotten this virus, because even if you showed no symtoms, you got trillions of those prions in you and if ANY of them dis-connected from the viruses you'll eventually go down from this like a mad cow once the prions take off. It might take a while, I don't know how many would actually detach from the virus but I can say that anyone who got the virus played the lottery a trillion times at least. And the media buried this, even though the prion was documented right from the beginning RIGHT HERE.

This is from which nightmares are made. 
It means that no one is safe. 

If the vaccine developer died from CJD then that would suggest that there's no prophylactic for them to protect themselves or their families. 
This goes beyond sheer stupidity or malice, this is pure evil. 
I smell Chinese hands all over this. 

A quick search revealed a few points.
- CJD is hard to diagnose because symptoms resemble other types of dementia.
- CJD can lay dormant for up to twenty years before symptoms appear. 
- Once symptoms appear, most CJD patients die within a year. 
- There's no treatment or known cure for CJD. 

I've remarked before that Creepy Joe has declined mentally much faster than a typical Alzheimers or dementia patient. [Alzheimers patients have their good days especially in the early stages. When was the last time Creepy Joe spoke coherently?]  
If he has CJD I guess he'll be dead soon enough.  1dunno1   

CJD is a prion disease like Alzheimers. 
Cannabis stops prions with Alzheimers from attaching to brain nerve cells. So it's possible that cannabis might be an effective treatment for CJD?   Scratchinghead  
Better to be safe than sorry, better have another pipe I guess.  Yeah3

That is assuming that there was a direct connection to the vaccine and his CJD.  I searched a bit last night and couldn't find any medical journal article that suggested a direct link with Prions and mnra vaccines.  I don't know his background outside of working with highly infectious diseases.  Could it be possible that his CJD was from another source (as it often lies dormant for years) and there isn't a direct causative link?
Anything is possible. Who knows  1dunno1  

The CJD prions can lay dormant for over 20 years before symptoms appear while other patients start experiencing symptoms not long after infection. 

From what I've read here at BTF, not all the mRNA vaccines are contaminated with CJD prions. 
However, according to @Heir 's above post; "Covid-19 has the prion for mad cow disease programmed into it."  If that's correct then humanity is in for a very rough ride. 

It would not surprise me in the least. 
The DS/Elites are determined to address the worlds burgeoning overpopulation.
Mass sterilisation via a vaccine would be the least offensive solution but these people are sinister creatures. 
Since AIDS and Ebola both came from a laboratory, I was surprised that the Rona was rather benign as I was expecting something real nasty from the Evil Ones. 
This CJD theory certainly is more their style. 

The obvious question is how do all of those involved expect to keep themselves and their families safe? 
If there's no prophylactic then we're all at risk. 

[Not that I'm worried though. I'm banking on long lost relatives from Niburu saving me.  Chuckle ]
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(04-07-2021, 07:22 PM)Wing-ed Wrote: Army Dining Facilities, Gym Asking Soldiers to Present Vaccine Card Before Entering
I don't know what it is that the ruling assholes of the world think that they have over all of us, but I say we just need to refuse to participate in their racket.
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