The Powers That Be are getting desperate with covid
Medscape sent me an email with the following headline:

"'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt': COVID-19 Brain Health Fallout Is Real, Severe"

I'm not going to give a link because they are disgusting pushers of the covid narrative.

If there is any residual brain damage, it's being caused by 5G and not an effing common cold!!

Colds do not cause brain damage!! Covid is a cold that was renamed covid BECAUSE they realized you wouldn't fall for their bullsh** if we thought of it as a cold. The renaming worked big time!
Cheer Viruses are electric. Do you want to prevent the flu? Simply secure jewelry, crystals or orgonite to one or more turntables and run them on high. Your entire family and neighborhood will benefit. How far will the released energies go? Cheer
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They're in overtime mode trying to frighten people. Just had a convo yesterday with my liberal buddy. He just got his first jab. Told him how I was out and about without a mask the last few weeks, and that just shocks him. Was talking about all the dangerous variants. The brain disease. All the lingering unknown side effects. Was surprised that i was not interested in the vaccine for myself.

They live in an alternate world. At one point he even said (talking about variants) ... "you listen to different news than me."

It's depressing how liberals can not disabuse themselves of fake news media for their information source no matter how many times you show them evidence that they have been lied to.
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
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