People are always throwing useful shit away.....
A few years ago I was pretty poor and my washing machine stopped working. A bit of research on the 'net and I discovered why - the motor needed new brushes. So I looked on Youtube for my make and model and replacing brushes, and lo and behold, some kind soul had put up a video of exactly how to do this. So I ordered the parts from Ebay (£6.75) and then took on the task of getting the machine out (front loader) and onto its side. Goodness gracious - there is a benefit to not being too small when you need to shift something like that! I managed it - not sure how! Replaced the brushes and put it all back. One working washing machine! I tipped the guy on his channel website £5.00 for a beer, and the total repair was £11.75 all in. I don't think a woman should have to do these things alone, but I had no choice and no one to ask - and I got through it. These things can be done. :)
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(04-09-2021, 04:31 AM)Verity Wrote: [Image: use_it_up_wear_it_out_poster-r8eb81e27b9...vr_512.jpg]
This is why I have a load of old jeans which have been cut into squares to make shopping bags or a winter weight door curtain, or or or or... And they're in a box, in the UK, in storage. I just couldn't bear to throw them out! I also salvaged every scrap of fabric from some dresses and other things which I didn't want but which weren't suitable for the charity shops. So I have those to add as embellishments. Oh my!

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