Thinking of putting 75% of my money into bullion, hold and silver.. and storing it with my father, to act ad my will.
(05-03-2021, 08:46 PM)Echo Wrote: So, there is nobody I trust more.

I got enough into food and supplies.

I figure I throw my 10 grand into bullion, and leave it with him. And if I die, it's all his.  
It will be no burden, act as my will and be there if I ever need a little to live off of.

What you think?

It sounds like a good idea, to me.  I love the holding value in coin thinking even more.  Historical meaning plus transportability, plus something of yourself, the one who chose whatever coins there are for others to pass down, and to wonder about, in coins.  There are so many beautiful coins, beautiful in themselves, I mean.

Wishing well, Echo.


[Image: Gold-wallpaper-36.jpg]

[Image: St.-Gaudens-20-Gold-Dollars-Type-4-1908-Obverse.jpg]

[Image: Americas-Most-Beautiful-Gold-Coin-Comple...800&sh=800]

[Image: USA%2C_CALIFORNIA_GOLD_RUSH%2C_GOLD_1852...y1778a.jpg]
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(05-03-2021, 09:36 PM)FlyoverCountry Wrote: Is there any place to buy physical metals now?  The place I bought silver from is sold out
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