A Covid WunderMap :
(05-08-2021, 07:18 PM)Heir Wrote: https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap?covid=1&lat=37.8&lon=-90.77&cm_ven=covid-map


Like to lay a 5G map over for comparison !! Lmao
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In my opinion, the insane discrepancy in the ratios of population:infection, population:deaths, and infections:deaths proves it's almost entirely bullshit.  Those numbers are way too inconsistent to be the same disease, it's just a bunch of fraudulent bookkeeping.  You'd think Oregon and Washington were different countries with no shared border!

(Spellcheck says bookkeeping with 2 Ks is correct, now I have to find a paper dictionary, that looks alien Scratchinghead )
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30,000 cases in a year, here.  400 deaths. (But the deaths are still "with" and not necessarily "by")
The map shows my state about like I would expect.  Major population concentration equals more infections.  There are approx 730,000 people in my county.  To put that in perspective.
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