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Okay. I'm having troubles wanting to post this material even though I believe it's becoming important in areas across our nation maybe. I'll explain but before I do I want everyone to understand that I'm not being a drama queen or seeking attention. Plus I'm very surprised that it's happening all around our location. This is not a poor area.  

Alright, First off I can't believe this is happening here in the land of plenty so to speak. I posted previously that the church called my mother for help even though they knew we donate and do works through the Lodge.

She just walked in and sat down to talk to me about a phone call she just received. Please understand I have relayed some of what I was told in Oct 2019 to her. It is extremely hard for me to hide anything of import from her. I hope you understand that and not hold that against my character.

The call. Come to find out we have many families and elder couples already not able to pay their bills. Not able to drive 17-20 miles to Walmart to buy what they need at a cheaper price due to limited or no funds for gas. The local Electric and Water Co is currently hiding this. The Mayor is already engaged. I'm sure from that you understand the rest of the fallout. Their Meds, Comms, feed etc.

The Church and Lodge is already stressed come to find out. We have a little tucked away food bank at the square that is waiting for resupply which they humbly requested help from Fayetteville and Springdale. This means all the little local areas are retaining what they have at home. My mother didn't take that well.

Believe it or not, we had no clue about the little food bank and it's issue. How they kept that secret??? I got to get to know those folks.

She told me that the Lady stated that they are also very worried about the drug addicts stealing from the elderly and disabled because it has already begun.

She was told that this has been going on for over a month. She said that the Lady stated there is no way these people will make it through the winter.

So, if this is happening here, it's only common sense it's happening across our country and it's not being addressed by local or state media. 

There are certain farms/ranches and residences that stick out like a sore thumb or a ripe apple if you understand what I'm trying to convey.

Anyway, I'll up date when I hear more. It's not an acute issue for posting, it's a chronic issue that slowly drags making it hard to post. 

If any have something to add please do. The only reason we are getting the dirt story is because of my folks and family standing in the community now and historically. Nothing special, just life through the years. 

There was more said but you all can easily imagine. 

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