Flying At 30,000 ft After receiving the CLOT-SHOT. What Could Go Wrong?
(10-13-2021, 10:16 AM)Dangerously Nameless Wrote:
(10-13-2021, 10:07 AM)counterintelligence Wrote:
(10-13-2021, 10:04 AM)Dangerously Nameless Wrote: Yeah, this has been in the back of my mind ever since I learned this Experimental Use vaccine was found to cause blood clots and heart attacks.

The other things:

1. No disclaimers given to those vaccinated.
2. No vital information asked, for instance: are you on birth control? Do you have a history of blood clots? Do you have a history of heart disease? Are you on blood thinners? Are you on high blood pressure medicine? Do you take diuretics due to a heart condition?  (You know, basic questions like that).

It’s just stick’em and next! Oh, and call those that are skeptical of all of this crazy conspiracy theorists.

It’s an atrocity of ignorance either by design for a nefarious purpose, or through fear, as there is no procedural planning being utilized to make sure everyone who gets jabbed is safe medically to do so.

Pilots should be they not only have a great responsibility of those in their planes, but also of making sure their planes remain in the air safely so that people on the ground are not murdered.

It is one thing to call in sick with covid, it is another to die due to a experimental shot mid flight.

I stand with the pilots moral and ethical conscience objection on this.
They already carry liability in such endeavors, but no liability whatsoever in the vaccine...a real diametrically opposed situation here.  

If it crashes because of the vaccine, the pilot should’ve been capable of preventing it...nah the demoncrats don’t care how you die...that’s the whole point.

You are correct.
You are also correct that big pharma cannot be sued by survivors of their families.
What a nice little caveat big pharma, aka Biden’s stake holder’s, have written for themselves.

Of course, Liability insurance does nothing to ease the minds of pilots that survive.

Just like it doesn’t really matter if I accidentally kill a family while driving. 
Yes, I’m heavily insured in case this happens, but the mental thought of murdering innocents will be haunting.
I can block out a great deal of bad I have done in the name of vengeance and protection, but the murder of innocents is a whole other demon.

Pilots are objecting on an ethical and moral basis. They carry enough burden on their shoulders and should not be tasked with an additional load.

The problem with leftists pushing this is, they lack a conscience, ethics, morality and even freedom are foreign words that they gladly build a wall to keep out.


Typically the insurance would pay off the claim one time, just like the doctor’s malpractice insurance policy and then they are on their own.  According to Anna Von Reitz, the elites are doing everything they can to collect on those policies.  Give ‘em a koolaid vax and make ‘em pay for it, and then collect on the life insurance.  Lucrative deal all the way around.  So the government in all of this, is abusing their offices of power.  

But the burden is what I was referring to.  And here the vax maniacs don’t give a shit.  Hell when I go get my vax, I might as well go fly the thing right into the World Trade Center full of jet fuel.  Take as many people out with me as I can.  We can’t convict the demoncrats now can we, if we get everyone else to do their dirty work for them?  We have Met the enemy and the enemy is us (or is it?). Classical little crime anytime the evidence is destroyed in the process.  Makes being a Muslim suicide bomber appealing.  Never have to stand trial or have a second of remorse for any of the victims.  No wonder the Muslims and the Demoncrats get along so well.
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