90yo Captain Kirk Rockets Into SPACE Today 10AM
(10-19-2021, 04:11 PM)Treebeard Wrote: One can only guess how many times he went home and jerked off dreaming of Bill.

................but only with visions of Captain Kirk swirling in his imagination.   Chuckle
My mind, a field of battles, struggles for peace in a tight place.
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what are the odds....

Pilot Killed In NJ Plane Crash Went To Space With William Shatner

SUSSEX COUNTY, NJ — The New Jersey State Police named the two victims of the single-engine plane crash who died in Hampton Township's Kemah Lake section of Sussex County on Thursday afternoon.Thomas P. Fischer, 54, of Hopatcong and Glen M. de Vries, 49 of New York, New York, died in the crash, Trooper Brandi Slota, a spokesperson from the State Police, said early Friday.De Vries traveled along with William Shatner who played Captain Kirk in "Star Trek," in a "fully automated capsule constructed by Jeff Bezos' space tourism company, Blue Origin," in October, as well as Chris Boshuizen and Audrey...

I don't believe they went to space....and this may be the warning to never talk...
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