NEXT UP Ghislaine Maxwell Child Sexual Abuse Case
Clif talks about the trial, and the resignation of several CFOs.

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Searching Epstein's House: Day 5 of the Maxwell Trial

The Free Press Report
Following a week of extensive deliberation from prosecutors pursued in efforts to provide further context to the jury, the public and journalists alike would shuffle into overflow rooms fitted with live video feeds once more, on the morning of December 3rd, 2021. Day five of the Maxwell Trial would commence with prosecution establishing the noted relevance of school girl outfits owned by Epstein and Maxwell to establish consistency within previous alleged testimony given previously.

Cross examination of Epstein’s former house manager would follow. Juan Alessi; a witness that had authenticated Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous black book the day prior. Prosecution proceeded by questioning Alessi as to the whereabouts of $6,300 and a handgun. Both of these allegedly stolen from Epstein. It was at this moment the Defense would make an incredulous regression. The full legal name of witness known as “Jane” would be repeated aloud for the Jury and public to hear on two separate occasions, shocking observers within the overflow rooms. Judge Nathan firmly reminded the Defense of their obligation to abide by the rules of the court.

After this stern warning the defense would scrutinize a previous 2016 deposition under the premise that it contradicted Juan’s identification of Jane made the prior day. Further request for Alessi to explain the extent of his own awareness pertaining to Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation was also requested by the defense (as he had given testimony recalling the cleaning of massage tables and sex toys of Epstein’s used in criminal child sex acts, implicating him directly).

The defense asked

“Mr. Alessi, at Mr. Epstein's direction you called women and set up massages, correct?” He responded “yes”.

Questioning proceeded:

“And when you cleaned the massage room, you had seen signs of violence, right? No one complained to you about that?”

Alessi proclaimed that he was somehow oblivious to the child sex trafficking operation he had enabled and assisted, responding:

“No. but I wish they had. I would have done something.”

It was reported that observers within the overflow rooms responded to this assertion with laughter, as it was difficult to believe Alessi could stay ignorant of such clear signs of child sex abuse during his tenure of employment.

Alessi was excused by the Defense.

Officer Gregory Parkinson of Palm Beach PD would take the witness stand next. Parkinson was requested by prosecutors to verify a video of an FBI walk-through conducted in 2005; along with several items that were seized as evidence from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion following his arrest. Throughout this testimony Officer Parkinson would authenticate a photo of Pope John Paul II blessing Epstein and Maxwell during a trip to the Vatican in 2003. Four other individuals appear in photo (but only one is identifiable), a woman in a burka can be seen in the background over the right shoulder of Epstein with two other individuals at her sides, there is also another Vatican official seen above the Pope. Parkinson would continue verify several other personal effects of Epstein’s including a massage table.

An extremely brief cross examination from Maxwell defense attorney Everdell mistakenly guided Parkinson to identify photos owned by Epstein that were allegedly stored openly on his desk, where Ghislaine would have been able to witness them.

Officer Michael Dawson, Palm Beach PD would take the stand as the final witness of the week’s proceedings at 4:38pm. Dawson would proceed to describe the disturbing array of personal items seized from Jeffrey Epstein during the 2005 raid on his Palm Beach Mansion.

When asked “What were you looking for, during the search?”

Dawson responded: “Massage tables and oil, sex toys. There were a lot of photos of nude females. We seized a phone book, a massage table, photo of a nude female, and a sex toy called the torpedo.”

This testimony now adds specific scrutiny of the legal proceedings that followed such findings in 2005. Overt failure to follow up by law enforcement officials should be noted.

The week’s proceedings concluded following a cross examination of witnesses Dawson and Alessi; as the defense desperately attempted to shift the jury’s focus to the aforementioned theft of Epstein’s personal effects with little success. Judge Nathan adjourned proceedings at SDNY courthouse at roughly 4:59PM Friday afternoon.

Day six coverage of the Maxwell Trial will return on Monday the 6th of December, as focus turns to further scrutiny of Epstein and Maxwell’s network.

Until next time.

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Why did Epstein visit the White House under slick willy at least 17 times in the first term?
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