GUILTY-NEXT UP Ghislaine Maxwell Child Sexual Abuse Case
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Epstein criminal conspiracy cases making the royal monarchy shit their pants.
TBH I think it suits senior royals and their plan to scale down the monarchy. Charles and Andrew have never been the best of chums and it has been said that they don't get on. Andrew has acted like Harry during his life, competing with the heir. Charles was known for being a playboy before he married Diana, one of the reasons that he didn't marry Camilla when he was young and had the opportunity. Charles wasn't up for giving up his playboy lifestyle until his mother told him it was growing up time and time to marry. 

The monarchy are just pleased that they have William and Kate performing has royals are expected to behave.
And we know what happened to some degree...
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Epstein pimp found dead in French prison cell…
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Prosecutors says Ghislaine Maxwell deserves 30 to 55 year sentence.
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