Prayers for Pure Rock Fury
Y'all can unpin this whenever you want. I got home yesterday late afternoon. Should have stayed another day or two but was getting some passive/aggressive hints from a couple of Doctors that they really wanted the extra bed. It was insane to hear how slammed the ER got just hours after I was admitted. Everyone with a sniffle was rushing to the hospital. The overwhelming majority were sent home. What happened is that it has become impossible to see a doctor or get a covid test or even acquire a home test in my city. I had one scheduled but wound up in the hospital. Wasn't the intention. Heh. Crazy thing about all of that is you have to schedule a test almost 2 weeks ahead of time. By that time, you don't need one anymore. Add to that the fact that the nursing staff has been reduced by about 2-4 nurses per floor per shift. They were actually having to work multiple floors and/or help in the ER in addition to their normal duties. Anyway, you only actually see a doctor once a day, and they are all about volume. They don't want to listen to how you are doing, any suggstions you may have with what has worked before (if it is a recurring issue), etc. Wham-bam....thank you Maam kind of thing. Long story short, I decided to go home earlier than i should have. Meh. Getting to spend time with the wife and dogs makes up for being a little more sore than I may not have been had I waited.
Thanks, again, for prayers and just nice things that were posted. That matters. It is easy to get stuck in a rut of misery when in pain and stuck in the hospital. Appreciate you kids.
“Why don’t you start speaking in words instead of your DAMN DIRTY LIES!” – Louise Belcher
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