Beyond The Fringe literary adventures.
Freedom ain't free they tell ya
Damn straight I say
Work your ass off 
28% To the Fed

7% to the state

How much per gallon?

Only a 2000% increase for my Bugler tobacco

Don't ask about my fuckin property tax shit



but free

Happy Daze

My Dear God made me
just a man


A Goverment comes along......

With the end of a gun
pointed at my head

tells me how 

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This next one came from the ZAP-C zombie novels. In one of the opening scenes, a phone is passed back and a request made. Kristen needs to call the Knights of The Electrons, aka the tech wing of the prepper group. This is how I imagined it going. This didn't make it into the book, but it was fun to write.

The Phone Call

"Hey Tink, your phone is ringing." 
"Yeah, thanks Scrounge. I can hear it." 
"Back in Black by AC/DC? Who's that?" 
"Red. He's probably calling to cancel on D&D tonight."
"Oh? So he's finally asking Cheryl out?"
"Well, it could be Ann. Never know." 
"Are you going to answer that or do I need to nerf you?"

"Hey, Red. How's it going?" 
"Sorry. It's not Red. I'm just using his phone. Is this Tinker?"
"Yeah. Oh hey, how's it going, Kristen?" 
"It's interesting in the Chinese proverb way." 
"Oh? How so?"
"Did I stutter?" 
"No. I just have no clue what you are talking about."
"We have zombies outside of the dojo. Red wants you to activate the emergency network."
"Are you shitting me? This isn't even a funny practical joke."
"Hang on. I took a video before calling. I'll send it." 

"Yeah, you do that. Scrounge, Dograt, Cricket, I think you'll want to see this. I have a file coming in. I'm flipping it to the big screen." 

The one minute video plays. 

"Are those real zombies?"
"That's what it looks like Scrounge."
"Well, fuck." 
"Tell me about it Cricket." 
"Well, now. What is Red recommending?" 
"Hang on Dograt. I'll ask. Kristen? Are you still there?" 
"Yes. I'm still here, Tinker." 
"Those are real?"
"They are. Red just got off the phone with General Osbourne. It's apparently a widespread phenomenon, and he's pulling what's left of the military out of New York and heading to his bug out location." 
"What's the call?"
"The what?"
"The Call, Kristen. What is Red recommending?"
"Oh. He says it's a network-wide alert for a complete bug out. He wants to set the rally point at his Aunt Rita's. Pack everything you can and get out of town." 
"We can send the alert. Special precautions?"
"Thanks for reminding me. Biohazard with avoidance or headshots. It's fluid born, so do not let them bite you or get their fluids into your mouth or open wounds. There is no vaccine at this time because they do not know what the specific disease is." 

"Is there a time frame for when we need to be there?"
"Not that I know of. So far, we haven't seen much in the way of zombies besides those at the front door. I think you can do a full pack up if needed. Thunder and I are. If you can think of anyone out of the network that should come along, invite them. Red is already asking Mr. Lui and Genny." 
"The pretty blond that takes care of the special needs kids?" 
"That would be the one. Yes. She's getting on the phone to see if any of her co-workers can be reached. They are all invited." 
"Copy that Kristen. I'll pass the word around. Scrounge is already setting up the network alert. Your phones should ding soon with that."
"Thanks, Tinker. Gotta go now. Red is heading to get his kids from the ex-in-laws. Can you call Patty and let her know, so the Short Bus Mafia doesn't worry?" 
"I can do that. I'll take care of that as soon as we hang up."
"Thanks again, Tinker. Gotta go. Bye now." 

I stare at the phone for a minute. Zombies? No one plans for zombies. We goof about zombies. The network name is the Zombie Apocalypse Preppers Club, and it's based on a joke. How the hell do you prep for zombies? EMPs? Sure. A virulent form of Ebola or the Swine Flu? Absolutely. Liberals setting off an invasion because of their love of no border control letting terrorists in? Why not. We have plans for just about everything. But zombies? Are you freaking kidding me? 

"Tinker. Shake it off and help me break down the server farm."
"Yeah, be right there Dograt." 
"So are you going to get to see Genny?"
"Shut it." 
"Tinker and Genny sitting in a tree."
"You realize that this is why people don't like you. Right?"
"Pffft. It's because I have seventy IQ points on most of the planet."
"It sure doesn't sound like it right now." 
"You're just mad because I know you have a mad crush on Genny and tease you about it." 
"All right. You win. Time to get to work. This crap won't pack itself." 

Score one for the good guys. Or me at least. Score one for me. That puts me three points up on Dograt. I hope we stay alive long enough for me to add to that score.

Fucking zombies of all things.

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So you want to be published? I do too. Eventually.

There are two methods for that — traditional and self.

More people are going for the self publish route now than ever before. We'll get to that in a minute. The traditional way consists of a few well-recognized dance steps.

I'm not going to re-post the whole article, but this does sum it up nicely.


The Steps To Traditional Publishing - An Overview

The problem with that is 'market trend.' It's what either the market itself determines will or the publishing houses think will/want to trend.


Currently, the trend is for female super empowerment, trans activism, and the rest of the SJW PC inclusive scene.

It's a pure and simple fact that authors like Leo Frankowski and Stephen R. Donaldson would not get published in this day and age.

Heck, I doubt that Glenn Cook, Terry Goodkind, Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card, or Robert Jordan would get published now.

So, where does that leave the rest of the writers who aren't pulping out the SJW pablum?


It's easier than ever.

Which is both a good and bad thing. When it's done correctly, the novels are as high quality as what you would find on the shelves at your local book store. When it's not, it's an unreadable mess that gives a bad name to the self-publishing scene.

A few minimal steps by some of the people rushing to publish would be appreciated. Steps like:

1) Get a beta reader or two.
2) Get a spelling and grammar checker. Use it. Frequently.
3) Work at closing those plot holes and timeline wonkiness.
4) Spell check it again. And again. And again. (More grammar checking would not hurt.)
5) Hand it off to an editor you can work with. If you can afford one. If not, grammar checkers.
6) Create or have created a professional-looking cover.
7) Agonize over bios and blurbs.
8) Market it.

No one wants to dump their hard-earned money on something they won't be able to read, much less enjoy.

Now about beta readers. I'll let you know how to find those when I manage to find some.

I appreciate all the folk that were reading along at the other site and who will read along at this one. Love you guys and gals and your kind words.

But beta readers critique. They point out the flaws, and oopsies like X died in chap four, but here he is in chap nine, and it's not a dream sequence or flashback. There are different levels and types of beta reader and critique partners. I have a cheat sheet somewhere on the other computer. As soon as I dig it out, I'll do a post on the types and processes of editing.

It is part of the process to put a polished novel out. I'll eventually find a critique partner or a group of beta readers. That's not an issue. I'm an old patient dog, and it'll happen when it happens.

Once you have a polished work and a good cover, here are a few sites to get it done.






I do not claim to know which is best to your specific needs, and there are others out there. This is just a tip-off to get you started.

I will say that when I do finally get to the point of selling the books, it'll probably be through Smashwords or Draft2Digital. They are set up with the features and sides that I find appealing.

Of course, you could put yourself out there on author platforms like Wattpad.

There are others out there as well.

This would be something you do to build your 'author platform' and get some name recognition.

That's a whole other post.   Wink
BTF literary corner.

A place for the written word in all of its magnificent forms.
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(09-18-2019, 10:45 AM)Angry_Red_Man Wrote: This next one came from the ZAP-C zombie novels. In one of the opening scenes, a phone is passed back and a request made. Kristen needs to call the Knights of The Electrons, aka the tech wing of the prepper group. This is how I imagined it going. This didn't make it into the book, but it was fun to write.


[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinim...f=1&nofb=1]

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(09-16-2019, 03:48 PM)Angry_Red_Man Wrote: Ghost Hunting

The van pulls up to the abandoned house, and two men climb out. The house is showing the lack of maintenance, and the yard is overgrown with weeds. Both men shine their flashlights around and shiver in the cool night air.

"Are you ready for this one, Bob?"
"Sure am Jerry. This one is going to be interesting. I've heard a few stories about it."
"Save it for the camera. Do you have the EMF reader and the SB11?"
"Right here, Jerry. Fresh batteries too."
"Good. Let's get in there and start filming."
"Creepy looking place."
"I scouted this place earlier today. Wait until you get inside."

The door creaks open, and the two men enter. The house smells musty, and the air seems stale. Dust kicks up with every step and cobwebs sway from the sudden flow of air from the open door and the movements of the two men.

"Wow. You weren't kidding. This place is already giving me the heebie-jeebies."
"Wait for it, Bob. It's almost midnight, and we'll be filming here for at least four hours. It's going to get creepier."
"Dang. I hope the camera is picking up those creaks and groans. Is that whispering?"
"Shh. Get the digital recorder out and turn it on. See if we can catch any of that on the boom microphone."

The two men stand there with equipment running. They amble through the living room and kitchen with the camera panning slowly over the furniture and knickknacks left behind by the family that abandoned the place twenty years ago.

"So Bob, I heard this is a murder-suicide house?"
"Yeah. It is, Jerry. The mom was a manic depressive and killed her three kids and husband with a butcher knife. Then she hung herself. Very tragic. I found several news reports from the local paper, and there were a few news clips on FreeTube."
"So no other family then? Is that why the house is vacant?"
"No. There was no Will or anything, so it's been tied up in probate. The other family members had to keep paying taxes on a house they couldn't use and didn't bother so now the City owns it. They don't know what to do with it, so it sits here."
"That's awful. Outside of the dust, this place seems to be in great shape."
"Well that, and it's haunted."
"Obviously, Bob. It'd make a great attraction if we can get some evidence and then maybe buy it from the City."
"Good idea. We can totally Bagans the place and start a haunted museum."

Both men chuckle. The chuckle cuts off when both men hear a little girl giggling with them. They turn to each other with wide eyes.

"Bob. Tell me, you heard that."
"I did Jerry. I just hope the camera or the digital recorder did as well."
"Let's head upstairs to the bedrooms."
"Is that where the murders took place?"
"Yeah. We can do a spirit box session down here after that."
"No cellar?"
"There's a cellar. We can check that out after we investigate upstairs."
"O.K. then. Lead the way."

Both men investigate thoroughly. Upstairs, downstairs and in the cellar. Three AM is minutes away, and they sit in the living room to start a spirit box session.

"I hope the cameras are picking up all these shadow shapes that I keep seeing." "I do too, Bob. I can't wait to review all this stuff later. This place is an epic level creepy haunted house."
"Well, we have a dozen static cameras, four boom mikes, and almost two dozen EMF detectors, REM pods, and a whole lot of motion and proximity alert lights set up. We've heard a few of them go off already while we were here. Usually, when we were not in the room."
"That's the way it usually happens, Bob. This isn't a seance after all. We invite the ghosts to talk and sometimes they do, but frequently they play shy on us."

Both men chuckle over that while setting up the spirit box, a digital recorder, and another static camera. The spirit box proves disappointing this time, and after half an hour, they decide to call it a night.

"Well, Jerry, we have this house to ourselves for the next two weeks. The static cameras and voice recorders are all set. The wifi router is sending the feeds direct to the group's server farm. Let's call it a night. We can leave all the gear here. We'll have members coming and going, and they can make sure things that need batteries are taken care of and that the stuff that is plugged in still is."
"That sounds like a plan Bob. I'm getting a bit tired."
"Are you going to come over and help review the new files?"
"No. I'd love to, but I have something to do today."
"No worries pal. Do what you need to. The files will be on the computer when you are ready to look them over."

The two men lock up, and after a short ride, Jerry is dropped off, and Bob is home taking a nap before reviewing the files from the previous night. His wife Sharon walks in and starts to help.

"You got some good stuff last night, Bob. That little girl giggle is a class 1 EVP and seems to be an intelligent response to you and Jerry laughing."
"Yeah. It freaked us out when we heard it. You're going to love investigating that place. Even during the daytime, the shadows play with your eyes. Jerry and I were almost doing the cop breach thing and cutting corners looking for stuff by the time we were done. It was starting to wear on us after a while. Constant whispers all around too. I hope that was picked up by the equipment."
"I hear some of that. It's faint, but I think we can get it cleaned up."

A phone rings and Sharon answers it. As she's listening, her eyes get wider and wider. I pause the video to pay attention to her.

"Hang on. Bob. You went to the new house with Jerry?"
"Yeah. We investigated for about five hours. Why?"
"That's impossible. Jerry had a major stroke yesterday afternoon. He passed away before the ambulance got there."

Bob and Sharon both stare at the computer monitor showing Jerry just barely in the paused frame standing next to the refrigerator and holding an EMF detector toward an open door before he turns and grins at the camera.

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These short stories are great ARM!!
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(09-19-2019, 11:41 AM)Sassy Wrote:
(09-16-2019, 03:48 PM)Angry_Red_Man Wrote: [Image: ?]

These short stories are great ARM!!

[Image: ?]
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(09-19-2019, 12:44 PM)Angry_Red_Man Wrote:
(09-19-2019, 11:41 AM)Sassy Wrote:
(09-16-2019, 03:48 PM)Angry_Red_Man Wrote: [Image: ?]

These short stories are great ARM!!

[Image: ?]

Chuckle    Kiss
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I've been a bit wrapped up with attempting to glean acorns from the manure pile that my old computer became.

I don't have the latest bit ready for either this thread or the Salvage Space story.

So, I'll throw some memes at you. Wink 

It's actually infographics to help writers. Tips, tricks, and what nots.

[Image: 2onEUBQ.jpg]

[Image: tML5Lzj.jpg]

[Image: iv0oZcD.jpg]

[Image: pYte2m3.jpg]

[Image: hHqkUur.jpg]
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[Image: fMWJK6s.jpg]

[Image: Mew2Z3x.jpg]

[Image: L1YzsWI.jpg]

[Image: ftcJfdU.png]

[Image: d2CemJ5.jpg]
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[Image: NbJdfbJ.jpg]

[Image: T7LTYmp.jpg]

[Image: mfS75LJ.jpg]

[Image: P1kaM5b.jpg]

[Image: AsBbVgW.jpg]
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