Brian D Hill’s perspective on Alex Jones Sandy Hook case: “Alex Jones is a traitorous Viper” – Justice for Brian D. Hill

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Hi this is brian d hill the former news reporter of uswgo alternative news i heard about the sandy hook uh verdict the stuff against alex jones regarding the sandy hook and here’s my view on alex jones alex jones is a traitorous viper he is a traitorous viper Here’s the reason why i think alex jones is a traitorous viper because he knew i was innocent of my charged possession of child pornography he knew i was innocent rob doo knew i was innocent here’s why he knew about what was in the the download dates where it said 454 Files were downloaded with the email program between the dates july 20 2012 and july 20 2013. my computer was seized on august 28 2012. i told the police detectives and it was in the the confession audio when they gave a false confession um because they probably weren’t going to let me leave the office unless i told them that i was downloading child porn So i gave them a false confession and they allowed me to leave you know and and and i gave them a false statement it was about a year or so and the download dates were only uh july 20 2012 until august 28 2012 when they conducted the police raid and the files continued downloading the the email kept downloading until August 28 2013 from their own report from the state bureau of investigation when it was under rodney white it kept downloading and it was i believe it was 132 molly vampire a computer virus and all this information was given to infowars to alex jones to rob dew and they ignored it and rob dews personally spoke with me over the phone in 2018 and he said if you could prove the government [ __ ] Up we’ll write an article rob do lie to me they never did an article about me being set up with child porn guess who did an article it was lukewadowski of we are change i mean well i mean it was a i mean luke wardowski authorized it but it was uh aaron cassell who was a uh Contract reporter a reporter i mean uh he worked for weir change and he also did an article on activist post my family got me a printout of it and i saw that the only people who really stood up for me was luke wadowski of where change who did work with alex jones of infowars you know kind of as comrades i know i know alex jones because i met him at the hyatt place Hotel in chantilly virginia i met the guy and i met stuart rhodes for the first time in my life i thought he would help me i thought we were brothers alex jones stabbed me in the back when i went to jail when i went through the federal jails and i kept being transported from jail to jail the u.s marshals service Alex jones never stood up for me he never stood up for me and i did work for alex jones to a certain degree what i mean is i got him the documents i had contacted homeland security and i had done a foia request to the department of uh homeland security through employee and i asked for records and one of them was infowars I gave those to infowars i gave him the documents from my foy request when i was running us wgo alternative news and what did alex jones do he never came up to me and say hey brian thank you thank you for giving me the foia documents proven that homeland security was spying on alex jones i got all this proof that homeland security was spying On conspiracy man alex jones did he ever thank me did he ever thank me and say thank you brian thank you now i will i will say this he did have it on his website back when i was allowed to use the internet in 2012 before i was rated by mandan police on the child pornography you know the whole setup and i have the proof i was set up because of the the download dates for 11 Months after the the police have seized my computer i i was willing to give that i was willing to take a risk and give him give him you know photographs of the discovery materials to show him that child porn was downloading for 11 months and he didn’t have the computer i mean i didn’t have the computer for 11 months child porn was supposedly downloading on it And did alex jones ever say oh she wish the government [ __ ] up okay we’ll write an article on it as rob do told me over the phone in 2018. he knew i was being set up with child porn he knew he knew i was set up with child porn he knew it and did he write an article on it no Alex jones uh alex jones of infowars is a liar alex jones of infowars is a liar even before the sandy hook thing i have been a loyal son of the republic my family more than 14 generations [Music] and i know what they do when you expose them they say you’re a pedophile we knew it was coming And when the obama appointed u.s attorney demanded out of 9.6 emails 9.6 million emails in the last seven years in sandy hook metadata which meant tracking the emails and where they went well we we fought it in court the judge ordered for us to release a large number of those emails that’s chris manny that got that done a very interesting individual at the firm Of koskov and koskov run by senator murphy and senator blumenthal that say for america to survive quote i must be taken off the air so they’re very naked about what they stand for and so we learned in just the last few days that when they wanted these hundreds of thousands of emails out of the 9.6 million that they had attachments to them that no one Would know what they were we hadn’t opened this the fbi’s come out and said i’m the victim and the statement’s coming out officially the u.s attorney’s office in connecticut but what’s interesting is we checked with real i.t people because we’re not i.t folks we made some calls and they said no you wouldn’t know it was in attachments and you wouldn’t know what They linked to because they the fbi looked at they said we’re the victim it was hidden in in sandy hook emails threatening us that was child porn so it’s on record we were sent child porn we’re not involved in child porn but i know alex jones is guilty of sandy hook defamation because He lied about me alex jones along with darren mcbreen and rob dew are all liars i know they’re liars darren mcbring when i tried to talk with him i was going to let him know i have proof the government f’ed up you know government [ __ ] up and here’s what he said how did you get this number i thought I’d change the number no he didn’t that was the same number i was talking to darren mcbring and darren mcbrain says i’m going to block you and i was about to call him out of cussword and he hung up on me he didn’t care that i was set up with child porn and then in the sandy hook case i saw you know the media put out videos where alex jones was like oh put his head on a pike f heads in fact like this You [ __ ] are gonna get it you [ __ ] child molesters i’ll [ __ ] get you in the end you [ __ ] now we’re done right there i know what i do i should delete the radio probably still went out i don’t care you’re trying to set me up with child porn i’m gonna get your ass one million dollars one million dollars you little gang members one million dollars to put your head on a pike one million dollars [ __ ] Whoever tried to set me up with the cp i will put his head on a pike alex jones when he was being set up with child porn all of a sudden his world oh he acted like his world was coming to an end he’s a liar okay maybe he did get yeah i mean yeah maybe someone did set him up with child porn the fbi did agree that somebody tried to set up alex jones With child porn that’s true however alex jones he he is innocent that someone you know someone tried to set him up with child porn in the sandy hook case the defamation case however he knew i was being set up with child porn he knew it he knew it And alex jones knew it he knew i was set up he knew it and he had the gall to block my friends and family’s emails from eva being emailed he’s blocked them is blocking emails from anybody friends of family stanley bolton alex jones is judas alex judas ought to be his name i’m speaking out because he lost the Sandy hook defamation case that is true because he knew i was set up with cp he knew it he knew it and i bought the registry because of alex jones my final message to alex jones burn in hell alex jones i hope those sandy hook parrots take everything from you i hope alex jones loses everything i hope he does i hope alex jones loses all of his money In the sandy hook defamation case this is brian d hill on august the 4th 2022 and this is my viewpoints on alex jones he’s guilty of defaming the sandy hook parents with the you know by acting like they were actors he is guilty Because he stabbed me in the back too here’s what i want to bring up before i go my family were accused of being actors when i was arrested after i was set up with child porn um alex jones uh my family were trying to get his attention thousands of my supporters my followers on facebook when i used to be usw brian Hill on facebook and i was almost gonna kill myself yes i admit that i was almost gonna cut my slit my throat i was almost going to do that in 2013 i was arrested by the us department of homeland security and alex jones my so many of my followers my supporters back then Were going to try to get alex jones to cover this instead my family were called actors actors you want to know who else were called actors the sandy hook parents and their kids were all actors oh want to know who brought that up alex jones and his supporters were calling them actors you want to know who else were Called actors roberta hill stella fornash kenneth fornash we they were all called actors just like sandy hook that’s what i want to tell the world alex jones is a liar alex jones is a liar darren mcbrain is a liar rob du is a liar rob deuce said if you could prove the Government [ __ ] up that’s what he told me over the phone if you can prove the government [ __ ] up i will write an article about your child porn case you want to know written articles we are changed an activist post with the provost set up [Music] he knew they knew that it was dealing for 11 months that i didn’t even have my computer They knew i was set up in federal court my lawyer never showed me the discovery materials he didn’t show me the download dates and that’s why i took a plea agreement saying i’m guilty my lawyer didn’t show me the download dates if he did i would have said go to hell uh eric plackey go to hell Go to hell eric plackey and i would have never been convicted of child porn i would have been found innocent the jury would have saw right through the government he wouldn’t look to demise the jury would have saw me bring up the download dates and the jury would have found me innocent of child porn and i never would have been on the sex registry i blame alex jones why i’m on the sex registry it’s his fault He told me to go to my city council to fight the ndaa and i did that i went to town council i became a target i became a target of the deep state and alex jones is guilty alex jones is guilty of defaming i agree with the sandy hook parents i agree with them that’s i rest my case
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