Could use a prayer or three for Talon.
Ever since this thread has started, I've had this quote in my head by one of my favorite authors:

"He once thought it himself, that he might die with grief: for his wife, his daughters, his sisters, his father and master the cardinal. But pulse, obdurate, keeps its rhythm. You think you cannot keep breathing, but your ribcage has other ideas, rising and falling, emitting sighs. You must thrive in spite of yourself; and so that you may do it, God takes out your heart of flesh, and gives you a heart of stone."

May your stone be as light as a feather.

My prayers are now for you and your family,  ARM.
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Dear Lord Please Keep Your Hand on Our Freind ARM . Grant Him Understanding .

Losing a Life Mate is the Hardest of Human Experiences .

[Image: 3FTRPrR.png][Image: on1tkoS.png]
Celebrating Over 30 Years as a " Designated Paper Terrorist "
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