Can you hit a target at 100 meters ?
I'm worn out and gimpified. My speed shooting days are in the rear view mirror.

The only thing I can do within 10 seconds now is face plant. 

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Print.... Chuckle

target download crosshairs and circle for range fire - Google Search
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Although my eyesight recently improved after surgery I don't think I could see that target at 100 meters.

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Good times blowing up gophers with my Savage 250/3000. Iron sights. My favorite gun.
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With a good scope and time to dial it in? Yes I can. Cold shoot? Nope.

My hand weapons are for personal protection so practice tends to stay within 30 feet.
My land is not so big I have to pick off targets that far out.

My right left drift tends to be my finger pad placement on the trigger.
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OK, here is the answer.
When shots fall vertical on a target, it is a breathing issue.
When shots fall lateral you are jerking the trigger.
Now, shooting 6 rounds in 10 seconds will result in you jerking the trigger. The goal is to place your 1st three rounds on target......
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My first shot will hit dead nuts on. At the price of ammo these days, I’ve got nothing else to prove. As the saying goes: Fuck around and find out.
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Nice little 1-inch hole out of my 6.5 Grendel AR.
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I was one of dozens that missed the point, so I don't feel so bad.


*ordering bull barrel from Midway USA*
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I like to shoot with iron sites.  I am old and my eye sight is slowly failing.

Based on my last trip to the range I'm sure I can hit a person easily at 100 yards.

100 yards equals 300 feet.

100 meters equals 328 feet.

If you can hit a target at 300 feet, you can probably nail it at 328 feet.
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