Are the masses being groomed for some type of "UFO disclosure"?
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Thanks for the heads data just rolled over so I can actually watch it... Popnana
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Seven days in May.....that was interesting.....above

I think Disclosure and the WWIII will be connected......

Maybe this is how they plan to roll it out...aliens save us from ourselves after a tactical nuclear exchange
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7 days in may part 1:     Popnana

part 2

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Thanks for the heads data just rolled over so I can actually watch it... Popnana

I'm nearly at the hour mark on this video. Started a few nights ago and need to get back to it. But I did take a few notes to share here.

It may have been in this thread or another, but I brought up how people born in to the 'elite/cults' are at war with each other. Some want out of what they were born into. This Warner guy (of the Mellon family) and his brother (or cousin, can't recall) seem to be in this sort of battle, though more 'civil' than what I imagine.

During the interview, the idea that Atlantis may have been a galactic city. That got my interest, as something I was watching on the Story channel somewhat alluded to that being one possible explanation.

Within this first hour they touched on 3 movies that were 'soft disclosures'.

2001 - A Space Oddessy (saw in the theaters when it came out, and several times on video)
7 Days in May (need to watch)
And...I can't recall the 3rd one they mentioned, anyone?

And, I did like the term that John Warner used when talking about studying the UFOs, "You can't get people past the sticks & stone tools of studying UFOs".

Anyway, those are my notes, questions and observances thus far.
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Colin Saunders and his family had a remarkable "UFO encounter" in Leicestershire two decades ago ... a strange "flying triangle" - the event had many very unusual aspects that caused Colin to research similar reports and phenomena in his new book "Triangular UFOs of the UK" from Philip Mantle's Flying Disk Press. You'll hear Colin's story - and some amazing ones he's been sent.

Thread: Some UFO news in the Royal Family
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