We live in a digital diorama
Why are we here?
Where is "here"?

Going with my feeble gnostic guessing, maybe we are pieces of the Pleroma. 
The All of the aether. The Electric Universe, which manifests as radiation, matter,  plasma, consciousness.

Somehow, we have been drafted as "volunteers" -- conscipts to be chesspieces, soldiers, guinea pigs, laboratory specimens.

The evil entities in the Pleroma want us to suffer and become as evil as they are. 
The Anunnaki, the "gods" of Greek and Norse myth, were a bunch of vicious invaders of our peaceful home. 

Advanced Beings?? well, their tech was.
Their electric intelligence/consciousness/spirit? Low, evil, satanic.
I use these terms as philosophical concepts. Religions have confiscated moral issues.
Again, why must we have to accept any Authority?
I'm fairly sure the Anunnaki are still running this playground for earthling dimwits.
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